This short story is entirely fictional. Any Resemblance to persons, living or dead, or locations is absolutely coincidental.

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I met Chuks 2 years ago.

He was my friend’s boyfriend’s cousin (yeah, yeah I know the connection is sort of long). But seeing the way Ronke’s boyfriend acted towards her, I was happy to at least meet someone from the same family.

We exchanged numbers and got talking.

Oh, did I mention that he was cute, like really cute! Anyways, he seemed nice and we had somewhat interesting conversations that I fell for him so easily.

I knew I would have to keep marking my territory around him because other girls will not just let him rest especially since Chuks was an unrepentant flirt. And I sincerely did not have the strength and time for that.

Our relationship went well for a few months until Anita came along.

I knew she was trouble from the moment I met her.

It was a very sunny Tuesday and Chuks introduced her as his friend from school. She acted nice and smiled way too much. I didn’t like it at all.

She was not all that pretty but she had the kind of body you only see in thick glossy lingerie models magazines.

Who has that kind of body anyway?. A snake turned human, that’s who!

I swung into action and asked if she liked being friends with my ‘boyfriend!’

She smiled that infernal smile of hers and said “very much”, which my boyfriend thought was extremely funny. Stupid!

She excused herself after a few minutes and I could have sworn she had horns and a tail as she walked away.

I wanted to tell Chuks that I was uncomfortable with his “friend”. But Chuks gets very defensive when I bring up stuff like that.

I remembered our last brawl. “You make me seem like the bad guy all the time. Just because I talk to these girls doesn’t mean I have anything to do with them. You’re just paranoid, you know that’s the way I am.” He had gone on and on.

So I kept quiet, hoping that would be the last time I’ll hear of or see Anita. Boy, was I wrong. She kept turning up here and there, arbitrarily like a bad penny. And Chuks didn’t seem to mind.

Then all of a sudden, I stopped seeing her. Wishes do come true!

But after a while, I realized that I had been seeing Chuks less often, so I made plans for us to go see a movie.

When he called me later that day to say he couldn’t make it because he was sick, I was not so surprised. I knew it was time to talk to him.

So that evening I showed up at his doorstep, only for his neighbor to tell me he had gone out.”He lied to me” I thought over the noise in my head.

The neighbor invited me in. So I went in and sat.

I would never have done that in a million years because I hated the guy. He says the most disturbing things. He’s pretty unlikable. But I was rattled and I needed to think.

Apparently, I made the right choice because he started prattling about the girl Chuks has been seeing, suggesting I get back at Chuks by going out with him. Like I said, ‘unlikable’.

“Describe her” I said, resisting the urge to scratch his face off.

“Light skinned, great body, I didn’t look at her face there was too much to see from the chest down” he said grinning like he was pleased with himself.

I was numb. Anita!

I picked up my phone and tried to track down their location. I had to check Anita’s status.

I despised her but I was desperate!

So here I am at the back of a restaurant, watching my boyfriend have dinner with his so called “friend” from class.

I’m livid with rage.

And that is not what you want for someone who has anger management issues.

You wanna play games Chuks? We are going to play games!


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