This short story is entirely fictional. Any Resemblance to persons, living or dead, or locations is absolutely coincidental.

This short story has not yet been fully edited. Expect some typos and grammatical errors.

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“Check that girl out!” Adam pulled my shoulder to bring my attention to a tall dark lady with a pair of thin-rimmed glasses in the restaurant.

“What do you think about her?” Adam said, seeking my approval to go ahead and chat with her.

I shrugged.

“So…” He seemed rather disappointed at my reply. Maybe he was expecting me to offer him some words of motivation or something.

“You know I have a girlfriend. So I don’t think I’m supposed to be checking other girls out. You understand right?” I replied.

“Honestly you should chill out a bit. I don’t like when you talk like this. You’re not the first to be in a relationship. Just tell me if she’s hot or not,” he complained, swinging his arms around to add a little bit of drama.

“Why are you even scared of Anabelle?” He continued

“I’m not scared of Anabelle” I replied defensively.” I just don’t like it when she gets upset.”

“Yea yea, whatever. So should I go for it or not?” Adam asked.

“I think you should, she looks great.”

I watched Adam walk over to the girl and stop her right before she was about leaving while I idly played with the food on my plate.

He began discussing with the lady, and shortly afterward Adam pointed towards my direction. The lady looked at my direction and waved. I waved back and faked a smile as Adam pulled out his phone from his pocket to collect her number.

I honestly did not know why Adam couldn’t help it but add me to his conversation with girls he approached. I was sort of his wingman without even trying.

Just after he finished collecting her number, he did a weird dance step as he returned to our table.

“So her name is Yemisi and she’s a postgraduate student,” Adam said while he sat down.

“That’s awesome, but I don’t think you’re smart enough for her.” I teased.

Adam pretended as if he wanted to give me a punch, and I jerked backward.

“So can we get out of here.” I began packing my backpack.

“No way!” Adam shouted. He was so loud that the couple behind us turned their backs to find out what the alarm was about.

“I still have to get the phone number of that fine looking girl at the counter.” He stood up from the chair and began walking towards the lady at the counter.

Adam whispers something to her and she smiled.

My phone rang and it distracted me from the act Adam was about to display. Anabelle was the one calling.

I answered immediately. “Hey babe”

“Where are you,” she asked.

“I’m hanging out with Adam.”

“I told you that I don’t like Adam”

I kept quiet in order to avoid an argument.

“I want you to help me pick up some wet wipes from the supermarket. The ones I like” she added.

“Okay babe”

Adam returned just as I cut the call. He seemed unexcited compared to how he was before he left the table.

“So how did your conquest go?”

“She said she just saw me collecting Yemisi’s number,” Adam complained.

I laughed so hard that I almost fell off my chair.

” So what your plan?” I asked Adam who was turning back to catch another glimpse of the girl who had just rejected him.

“I’m coming back for her tomorrow!” He replied.

I shook my head sideways.

“I have to be going Adam, Anabelle wants me to get her something.”

“It’s still surprising how you let her stay at your place” he replied and gave an unpleasant look.

I smiled and stretched out my hand for a handshake.

Then I left the restaurant.