A Love Story And A Broke Boy (2)

This short story is entirely fictional. Any Resemblance to persons, living or dead, or locations is absolutely coincidental.

All Rights Reserved.


“To be honest with you, I’m broke.”

Those were the words that made her pull out her handbag from under the table from where she brought out a couple of 1000 naira notes, dropped it on the table, and then she gestured to the barman who came to collect them.

“Delete my number, ” she said as she got up from the plastic chair, adjusted her tight gown and began walking towards the door.

I followed behind her immediately, calling out her name “Chika!” While she ignored me until we got outside.

“What do you want!” She shouted, attracting the attention of some busybody onlookers to us.

“I’m sorry, ” I replied as I tried to hold her hand but she pulled it away from me.

“What you did was so unnecessary and embarrassing!” She said. “Why would you insist on taking me out when you knew you had no money on you.”

“I was expecting money, ” I lied.

“So you couldn’t wait until you had the money before you brought me to the place to embarrass me, ” She argued.

“I’ve said I’m sorry. I’ll refund you then make it up to you as soon as the money enters, ” I said.

I held Chika by her waist and drew her closer to me. “I’m sorry, ” I whispered to her.

“I’ve heard you” She replied.

“But you’re still frowning, ” I said.

“Are you satisfied?” Chika replied while forcing a fake smile.

“Okay, can you give me a kiss to show me that we’re cool, ” I leaned to reach for her face while she leaned away from me.

“I’ll give you a kiss when you pay me my money, ” she replied as she pushed my hand off her waist.

“Should I get you a taxi?” I asked.

“Don’t bother, a friend is coming to pick m upe.”

“Your friend! Which of your friend?”

Someone like that

“Have I met him before?”

“I don’t think so.”She replied.

“When did you even call?”

Her phone rang from inside her bag interrupting our conversation and she quickly took it out of her bag.

“I think he’s around,” she said when she received the call.

“Should I escort you to the car?” I asked taking her hand.

” You don’t have to,” she said.

So, I’ll see you in church next Sunday.

“Maybe,” she replied as she quickly walked away from me towards a black car in the car park which she entered, and it drove off.

After Chika left, I trekked to the junction as the thoughts of how I used to work at a small supermarket ran through my mind.

The pay was fairly okay hence the reason I could afford my own apartment.

The owner of the supermarket had the habit of sending me on errands to do chores for her which I did until one day I got fed up, so I decided to remind her that I had a university degree and shouldn’t even be working for her in the first place.

That was after she had sent me over to mop her house. I lost my job that day.

As I patiently waited for one of the oncoming buses to arrive at the bus stop, I dipped my hand into my pockets to check how much I even had left.

Sadly the only thing I found in my pocket was the receipt to the drinks Chika had paid for.

I humbly left the bus stop and began trekking back to my place.

To be continued………..