An Office Romance

Beatrice had a pair of shades on the next morning and looked hungover.

How was your night I asked add we shared the elevator which took us up to the third floor.

“After you left I spent the rest of the night drinking, and now my head hurts, ” she replied “I look like a mess,” She said.

“You look adorable.”

She smiled at me and walked to her office as we got down from the elevator

Have a wonderful day she said as she pushed the door open and entered the office

I too entered into my office and spent the entire morning organizing spreadsheets

A few hours later Sandra came into my office looking beautiful in her short gown, she placed her manicured hands over my shoulders and gently massaged them.

She moved over to my desk and seductively sat on it pushing away the items on it including my phone to the ground. However, I didn’t mind as I got up from the office chair to continue what she had started.

All of a sudden I remembered the door was open and pulled my lips away from hers. “The door is not locked,” I said to Sandra while she opened her eyes slowly.

“We better lock it before someone sees us.”

Sandra got up from the table, adjusting how gown while I headed for the door to lock it.

As I approached the door, it swung open and Beatrice walked in like she owned the place, infact she did.

The confusion on her face when she saw Sandra standing behind my desk.

Sandra hastily picked up one of the files from the floor and pretended to go through it.

“I didnt know you two got along,” she said with suspicion written all over her face

“I came to talk to the boy about his attitude at work, I don’t like it” sandra replied

“What did he do this time?”

“He’s lazy, nonchalant and I’ve told him if he continues we’d fire him, ” Damn! Sandra was so good at pretending that I started to believe she wasn’t acting at all, and it was also kinda embarrassing.

Sandra deserved an applause the way she stormed out of my office while beatrice shrugged after she left.

I felt embarrased, I was already getting along with beatrice and felt that what Sandra said might just ruin it.

“I know she could be difficult at times, But Sandra is a really cool person trust me, ” Beatrice said after she left.

“I don’t thinks you have a bad attitude either you’re a really nice person ” she said too.

I felt relieved knowing that Beatrice still thought well of me despite what Sandra just said.

“Are you still going to your girlfriends place tonight?”beatrice joked.

“No, ” I giggled.

“I want you to follow me shopping for a new dishwasher after work”

“Okay ma” I replied.

Beatrice left the office, gently closing my door while I returned to work.