An office Romance


It was the night of Beatrice’s birthday party and nearly everyone from the office was present.

Never could I have imagined Beatrice could pull off a party like that, as she had always turned out to be a reserved person during the working hours that we got to see her.

I bumped into Sandra on my way up the stairs and we exchanged subtle smiles at each other and went about our business

I went over to the beatrices room to give her a cheap card I’d picked up from the store on her way to her place.

Beatrice was alone in her room, she looked unhappy as she sat on her bed. I sat beside her and asked what the matter was.

She told me that she missed her Ex-boyfriend broke up with her because of her busy schedule, and then he got married to someone else not too long after the breakup

“He proposed once but I told him I wasn’t ready. I threw this party so that I would get him off my mind. I’m not a party person!” she said.

I stayed behind after the party was over to help Beatrice clean up, picking up the items scattered all over the tiled floors of her house, rearranging her furniture and doing the dishes.

Sandra gave me a phone call, inviting me to come over to her place to spend the night. I told her that I’d be coming as soon as I’m done helping Beatrice.

By the time I was done with the cleaning and wanted to leave, I called Beatrice’s name but she didn’t answer.

I went up to her room to look for her. Her door was slightly open so I didn’t bother knocking

“Miss Beatrice!” I called out her name as I pushed open the door to her room. Beatrice stepped into the room from the bathroom naked, She had just taken a shower and water from her wet body was dripping onto the carpet.

She got startled as soon she saw me while I left the room immediately and slammed the door

Beatrice quickly put on a robe to meet me outside her room

“Sorry for not knocking,” I said. “You didn’t answer when I called.”

“I forgot you were still around,” she replied

I told her that I was done cleaning up the house and was about to go.

“What are you doing tonight, ” she asked.

“Nothing much, just visiting a friend.”

“A girl right”

“Yeah, she is. How did you know?”

“You blushed, so I guessed.”

“It’s not that serious. She’s just a friend.”

“If you say so.”

Beatrice walked me to her front door and gave me a hug, her body felt warm and soft.

I told her goodbye and left for Sandra’s place.