An office Romance

As I stood at the edge receptionist desk, having a feel of the breeze from the standing fan over my sweaty skin, I could hear a pleasant voice behind me chatting up another person.

Amused by the melodious tone of her voice as well as her beautiful laughter, I turned back to catch a glimpse of this person.

She was pretty and looked in her 30’s or more. She had on, bold red shoes with a tan skirt which matched her fair complexion.

I waited until she finished discussing with the other individual and they went separate ways.

Luckily a sheet of paper had dropped from her bag which I rushed to pick up.

“Excuse me ma!” I called out as she turned back to see the person who was calling her attention. She was indeed exceptionally beautiful.

“You dropped something ma,” I said as I walked up to her to hand her the paper over. She smiled and whispered, “thank you.”

I gently held her hand as she tried to leave, and she met me with surprise in her eyes. “Don’t be afraid, I just want to know what your name is, ” I said, as I guided her closer to me.

“Sorry, who are you?” She replied with a puzzled expression on her face as she pulled her hand away from my grip. “I’m Collins, and I couldn’t resist the urge to walk up to you” I replied.

“Collins dear, ” she said. “This is adorable but as you can see, I have plenty of work to do.”

I ran the back of my fingers along her long black hair

“Enough of this rubbish, I don’t have the time for your games” she smacked my hand off her hair as she was clearly upset.

I watched her reverse like a runway model, elegant as she stepped into the elevator, and disappearing as the doors shut.

I returned to the reception and took my sit on the cold metallic bench next to the entrance.

“Mr. Collins ” the petite receptionist called out my name. You can go up now. Third floor, second door to the right. I thanked the receptionist and paced into the elevator.

While the elevator went up, the thought of how long I’d stayed without having a job crossed my mind. “This was it, financial independence very soon, no more betting for me as I’d be rolling in money. I would first celebrate by treating myself to a delicious meal that night and check the mall on the weekend for a brand new television set.

The elevator doors opened as it came to a halt leading to the neatly decorated hallway. I walked down to the second door by the right and knocked on it.

“Come in, ” a voice from behind the door said. “You’re Mr. Collins right?” The old woman behind the small desk asked as she typed slowly on her noisy keyboard. “Yes”, I replied. “You can go inside, Madam is waiting for you.”

As I slowly opened the connecting door by the right of the secretary, I saw the fair beautiful woman from earlier as she sat behind a large glossy desk, reading from a magazine with a pair glasses hanging down on her nose.

“Oh it’s even you.” She said as I stepped into her office. Her first two buttons were undone and I could see a bit of her black bra from where I stood.

“Oh my, ” I muttered, deeply worried that I had messed up.

She looked at me and smiled. “Sadly, your credentials are too good for me to fire you. It would have been my pleasure, ” she said as she bit her lower lips.

She was every bit of attractive especially when she slowly took off glasses.

She gestured at the black chair in front of her desk where I sat down. “I don’t know what was going through your mind but there are work ethics, ” she said.

I sat up straight nodding my head as she spoke, pretending I was paying attention when all I could think about was how I found myself in that position.

“Don’t go around disturbing the ladies in this office, and don’t compromise the professional standards of this company.” She added.

She picked her phone and dialed a number, and told the person to come over to her office immediately. Watching her speak with authority was undeniably sexy.

“Sandra would show you around the office. she’ll be waiting for you outside,” she said.

“And I hope the next time we see, you’ll behave yourself.