80 Deep Questions For Her (Deep Questions For Your Wife, Girlfriend Or Crush)

Conversation questions for your wife, girlfriend or crush

One of the reasons that we are encouraged to communicate in a relationship is to form emotional connections.

While it may be easier for us to open up to our partners about our feelings, oftentimes we fail to realize a crucial part of communication is also listening to what our partners have to say.

Therefore, in addition to expressing your thoughts to your girlfriend, wife, or even your crush, you have to encourage her to do the same.

There are questions for her where you could inquire about her thoughts, feelings, wants, and desires.

Having these deep conversations with her or asking her these deep questions, you could develop a sense of closeness to each other and you are made to have a better understanding of each other.


80 Deep Questions For Her.


1. How do you feel about us?

2. How do you feel about work?

3, What makes you upset?

4. Did you miss me when I was at work?

5. How did you know you had feelings for me?

6. What makes you smile?

7. What could make you jealous?

8. Do you get angry easily?

9. What makes you angry?

10. What do you do when angry?

11. Do you forgive easily?

12. Do you get really anxious sometimes?

13. Are you always this Confident or sometimes you are shy?

14. Do you feel that you can trust me?

15. What’s the favorite thing about yourself?

16. What makes you feel a bit insecure?

17. What can I do to make you happy?



18. Do you believe in love at first sight?

19. What is does love mean to you?

20. Would you want to get married?

21. Do you believe in soul-mates?

22. How do you know that you’re in love with someone?

23. What was the first thing that you thought about when you saw me?

24. When did you find out that you loved me?

25. What is your favorite thing about me?

26. What’s the most romantic thing for someone to do for you?

27. What’s the most romantic thing you’ve done for someone?

28. What could make you lose interest in someone?

29. Have you ever been in a one-sided relationship, how did it feel?

30. Are you still in love with any of your exes?

31. What can we do to spice things up between us?

32. What would you describe as the perfect relationship?

33. What scares you about our relationship?

34. What can we do to make our relationship better?

35. What do you think that we have in common?

36. Tell me, what’s the most romantic thing to do for you?

37. When did you have your first kiss?



38. What are your career goals?

39. Have you achieved your relationship goals?

40. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

41. What do you find motivation in?

42. What does success mean to you?

43. Who are your role models?

44. How ambitious are you?

45. How far have you gone in attaining these goals?

46. What are your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to achieving your goals?

47. What are you passionate about?

48. Do you compare yourself to others at times?

49. Do you feel like you are not doing enough sometimes?

50. Do you like your present job?

51. Apart from your present job, what other jobs would you rather do?

52. Are you afraid of failing?

53. Do you feel stressed at times?

54. Are you optimistic or pessimistic about your goals?

55. How do you think we can support each other?

56. Do you procrastinate at times?

57. What are you most proud of?

58. What are your personal goals?



59. What’s the meaning of family to you?

60. Where did you grow up, do you still live there?

61. Do you have siblings, are they older or younger?

62. Are you close to family, do you still keep in touch with them?

63. Who do you look up to in your family?

64. How many kids would you like to have?



65. What is your best childhood memory?

66. What is your worst childhood memory?

67. Who was your childhood best friend?

68. Are you still close to childhood friends?

69. Is there something you wish you did differently during childhood?

70. Where did you grow up?

71. Who was your favorite person growing up?



72. Do you have any relationship that you regret getting into?

73. What are your biggest fears?

74. What do you dislike about people?

75. What an attitude you wouldn’t tolerate from anybody?



76. Who’s your best friend and why?

77. Do you consider your friends to be family?

78. How did you meet your friends?

79. What do you like about your friends?

80. Do you believe your friends are always there to support you?


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The importance of communication in relationships

The following are some of the reasons why communication is important in relationships.

1. Stay connected

People in relationships crave emotional intimacy and connection with their partners, to achieve emotional intimacy in the relationship, partners would have to communicate.

For people find it hard to communicate in relationships because of a busy schedule or distance, they may begin to lose touch of the relationship.

They could also get distracted by someone else or begin to have feelings for them

Communication could help that you stay in touch with each other, and reinforce that emotional bond and feeling of connection that one seeks to have with a partner,  and that keeps the relationship going


2. It provides reassurance

There’s a need for a constant reminder to remain strong despite the challenges presented to the relationship.

Through communication, partners reassure themselves of their commitments to each other and their relationship.

A lack of communication could be a cause for concern among couples who are already feeling that the relationship is ending.

People might worry that their partners are losing interest in them or becoming interested in another person when there appears to be no communication in their relationship.


3. Emotional Support

Through opening up their feelings, partners can provide each other with emotional support compared to if they kept to each other.

Problems of each partner are being made known and problems are being found accordingly

Therefore, it helps for partners to be able to open up to each other about their feelings so that as a couple you find solutions to these problems equally or clear any doubt if there may be.


4. To clear misunderstanding

There’s a lot of room for insecure thoughts to cross one’s mind when in a relationship, that’s if they allow.

Certain assumptions could be unhelpful and has the capacity to ruin the relationship between partners as well.

Some things are commonly misinterpreted in relationships, and couples argue or fight with each other because of these issues.

For instance, when a partner is unable to receive phone calls, or unable to reply a text,there are a lot of things that begin to go through the mind of the other partner in the relationship, from whether they are losing feelings for them or they are cheating.

When you feel like you are not communicating as you are supposed to do, or that your pattern of keeping in contact with each other changes, then suspicion could arises.

Communicating these worries to a partner, telling them what you feel about it would give them the chance the clear the misunderstanding and avoid conflicts between partners.