11 Signs You’ve Found Love And Friendship In One Person

When we are in a relationship with someone, we derive a sense of companionship and form an emotional connection with them. If these are lacking, then the relationship tends to fall apart.

Sometimes, couples are unable to see each other as more than just romantic interests. Maybe they just do not seem to be able to understand each other, find the things that they have in common, or be their true selves around each other.

When we fall in love with someone, we want it to be someone who understands us, someone who would be our companion, and someone we also are very comfortable around.

We want that person to be someone we can work with, set goals together, and achieve them together as well.

When there’s friendship in a relationship, you begin to see a partner as more than just a lover, but as a companion; someone you can trust and work with.

When your partner becomes your best friend, you both become inseparable from each other,  you both begin to have similar interests, enjoy the same activities, and are very comfortable to be your true selves around each other, then the relationship becomes very easy to build and sustain.

So how do you know that you have found love and friendship in the same person?

Finding love and friendship In The Same Person

1. You don’t have to pretend

We all know that love can be full of pretense. Sometimes you feel that the only way to get a partner or crush to like you back is being cool or wealthy. So instead of coming into the relationship as your genuine and most true selves, you act cool or wealthy to get them to like you.

In a relationship where there is both love and friendship, you don’t feel pressured or need to pretend to be something you’re not so that you can impress your partner.

It’s a relationship where you can be confident that someone loves you for who you are and not because of something you offer them.

You also do not have to pretend that you like a movie or book just so that you impress them or do something that you don’t want to do.

You can be struggling financially and that person will still accept you and love you.

All you have to do is to be yourself and they are happy.


2. Your conversations never get boring

Conversations with your partner don’t get boring; you can have endless conversations with them and they’ll reply to you intelligently.

You have very similar interests and they are just as knowledgeable as you. You learn a lot from them, and you’re always improving yourself when you are with them.


3. You can open up to them and not feel vulnerable

Your lover is your best friends when you can open up to them emotionally without feeling scared that they would judge or criticize you,  or when they are eager to listen and also very willing to help you when you present your problems to them.


4. You don’t have to change

Sometimes people feel the pressure to change when they start a new relationship with someone.

Although this is not always a bad idea, as long as there could be improvements which could become a better person.

But some people get carried away by their relationships that they begin to change for the worse. Either by being rude, angry, skipping work, or drifting away from their morals or values.

In a relationship where there is love and friendship, you don’t feel pressured to change to please anyone.


5. You don’t have to lie to them

When it’s a relationship where you don’t have to hide anything from each other and you can always be honest because there’s nothing to hide

When you feel that you don’t have to lie to them or keep secrets from them, it means that you’re comfortable enough to tell them the truth


6. They understand your jokes

It’s when your partner shares your sense of humor without trying hard, you don’t have to force a laugh or explain a joke to them.

You are free with them; you don’t have to be scared that you may say something that would make it awkward between the both of you, make them think you’re immature or too playful.


7. You always have fun when you are with them

You’re eager to spend a lot of time with your partner because spending time with them is always fun.

You seem to have the most fun when you are together. They always have interesting ideas for fun and think your ideas are great too.

Even when you both have nothing to say, it never gets boring with them.


8. They always support you

Some people get left by their partners while going through tough times.

But when you find love and friendship in your partner, then you know that you can count on them whenever things get difficult. You know that they are just going to be there for you, eager to support and help you when you need them to.

It doesn’t matter if you lose your job or you go broke, they show you the same respect they’ve always shown you and love you like always.


9. They understand you

Your partner just seems to get you. Whenever you have a struggle, they seem to understand what you’re going through, and they show empathy.

You don’t feel lonely when you are going through hard times because you can open up to them, and they understand what you’re feeling.


10. They relate well with your family and other friends

There are relationships where a partner gets too clingy and tries to come in between you and others, or relationships where people drift away from their family and friends once they are with their partners.

When it’s a relationship where you don’t have to be concerned whether your partner is going to like your family and friends, or relate well with them, when you can also have a balanced relationship with your family and friends while you’re in a romantic relationship with your partner, then you’ve found love and friendship with the same person


11. Together you make a perfect team

They are someone you can set goals with and work towards those goals, always encouraging each other as you do so. They have no problem sharing responsibilities or chores with you, and they always put in their best effort to make sure the relationship works.

If your partner is fun to work with, and it’s also efficient when you work together, then you’ve found both love and friendship with them.