This short story is entirely fictional.

This short story has not been fully edited, and therefore some typos as well as grammatical errors might annoy you. Of course, It was written by an amateur writer!


In a World filled with people who only wanted to take advantage of her. She found someone who turned out to be different from the rest. He restored in her the hope of finding love and reassured her that something good could come out of being close to someone despite the past disappointments from people who only broke her heart.

He was there for her whenever she needed him, always offering a shoulder available to cry on whenever it got rough.

She could finally trust someone, and she wished that the friendship which they shared lasts.


One beautiful evening, while they shared the balcony of his beautiful apartment gazing up at the stars and enjoying the company of each other, He held her hand then called her name gently. ‘Gbemi.’

She felt safe while he held her hand, for the knew that he would do nothing to hurt her.

“Gbemi, there’s something I would like to tell you, ” He said, and then he kept quiet.

The silence lasted for a few seconds as she waited for him to say what was on his mind.

“What does he want to talk about? ” she thought to herself.

There was a smile on her face. She was expecting him to say something wonderful.

She turned towards him and then tilted her head up to look at his face. “What do you want to talk about, ” she asked as her smile widened.

He turned his face away shyly to the left. “Forget about it,” he replied, deeply regretting why he brought up the topic in the first place.

Slowly, the smile on her face faded into a frown as she wondered what it could be that was disturbing him.

She was curious.

So she decided to ask what’s the problem was instead of just letting it go. Her voice, soft as she asked, reassuring him that he was doing the right thing.

He took a deep breath. But as he tried to open his mouth to talk, his shyness overcame the confidence which he just acquired.

He hid his face behind his palms knowing fully well that it might not go as planned.

He felt ashamed.

She however, gripped his forearm and slowly pulled one of his hands off his face.

“Talk joor, ” the soothing tone of her voice helped him regain the confidence which he lost.

“Gbemi I like you,” he said.

“I’ve had feelings for you ever since we first me, and I’ve been holding them back since. I don’t think I can hold them back any longer”

Gbemi was amazed.

She felt crushed inside for she didn’t know what to say. Of course, she didn’t feel the same way for him, and She knew that if she was to reject his romantic gesture, their beautiful friendship would most likely crumble.

They’ve shared fun moments together, the joy and laughter that accompanied his presence were satisfying.

Over a short time, she had become fond of him. However, the thought of a relationship with him in particular never crossed her mind.

He wasn’t her type, and she couldn’t imagine kissing his lips or making love to him. If she was to accept his proposal out of pity, he would like it but she wouldn’t be happy. She would be stuck in a relationship that would only be a fake.

But how could she have not noticed that he liked her? And was there any way she led him on unknowingly.

They held each other’s hands on so many occasion.¬†She had said a friendly “I love you.” a few times, there were so many moments that they spent alone together, even Cuddling but she really did feel nothing.

“What do you mean?” Gbemi said to him. she could see the disappointment on his face. It was obvious he was beginning to regret telling her about his feelings.

He took out a handkerchief from his pocket to wipe his sweaty face and replied, “I want us to be more than friends, Gbemi.”

She was so confused. What was she going to tell him? She liked him and didn’t want to ruin their friendship.

“Should she say that she’ll think about it?” but that’ll be giving him hopes. Would it work if she tells him that she has a boyfriend? But that’ll be ridiculous, considering that he knew very well about her relationship status.

So she decided to tell him the truth and only hoped that he understood

Just as soon as she replied that she didn’t share the same feelings, tears began forming in her eyes.

He turned his back and mumbled something to himself.

“I don’t understand what you mean!” He raised his voice at her. His eyes turned cold. She had never seen so him angry. It scared her.

“So you’ve just been using me!” His voice got even louder.

“Why are you saying that?” She could hold the tears no more as they fell down her face.

“I think you should leave, ” he said, pointing at the door.

“You’re not dropping me off at my place.”

“I don’t think so,”

She had never seen this side of him before. She always thought he was a good person. But he turned out to be no different from the others who had made her feel bad. He was only pretending to be her friend all along.


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