“Sort these ones too!”

My boss said as she dumped a pile of folders on my desk.

I jerked backward immediately the huge folders struck the table,

Concentrating on work that day had been a challenge for me, and so far the two cups of coffee I had taken earlier in the morning weren’t helping.

I’d spent most of the day sleeping and when I wasn’t, my attention was fixed entirely on the wall clock in the room.

It was only an hour left for me to pack my bag and go home but the extra folders meant I would have to stay back for a few more hours to have them all sorted out.

On her way out, she stopped at the doorway. She folded her arms and looked at me. The scrutiny on her face meant she was about to say something really annoying.

She came towards me and placed the back of her hand on my forehead. Then she said, “You’ve been sleeping all day Teni, are you okay?”

By her tone, I could tell she wasn’t really concerned about how I felt but wanted to find trouble instead.

I was quiet.

She stood in front expecting a reasonable explanation from me for doing practically nothing at work throughout the day. It didn’t seem like she was going to leave my office until I gave her something.

Honestly, her presence was quite discomforting.

I tried to think of a lie, but none came to mind.

How about I just tell her the truth, maybe she’ll understand. So I thought.

Taking a deep breath, I told her that my boyfriend had broken up with me the previous day.

Well, that was ridiculous.

Her reaction, however, was priceless.

She hissed, walked out of my office, then made a dramatic turn, and sat down on my desk when she returned.

“You know, I and my husband have been separated for years now. But you don’t see me complaining at work, do you? ” she said with a weird grin on her face.

I was surprised. I’d never expected such a dramatic reaction, especially from my boss.

“Get yourself together, and you better sort that out before tomorrow!” she pointed at the files on my desk before she stormed out of my office leaving the door wide open.

I held my hands over my face and began to cry when she left the office

Ken peeped into my office and asked: ” why is madam angry?”

Ken was a colleague who has been really into me since my first day in the office. He had asked me out on dates several times but I kept rejecting his offer. Ken was a nice guy, really jovial, and he made the work fun for all of us. Sadly he wasn’t my type.

He entered the office and sat on the chair opposite mine. I bent my head on the desk to hide my teary eyes from him.

“I’ll help you work on these, You should go home and rest,” he said.

I knew Ken was helping because he really liked me, and I felt I was taking advantage of him because I had no intention of returning the favor.

On the other hand, he was the one who offered to help. I didn’t force him.

I thanked him, picked up my bag and left the office.