I dropped my bag on the floor and fell on my sofa placing my feet on the center table.

I was exhausted.

There was a missed call notification on my phone which I hurriedly checked to see who it was hoping it would be Chuks.

It was my best friend Ronke who called. I was yet to tell her of the breakup.

I felt the urge to try Chuks’ number again. I searched for his number on my contact list, and just as I pressed the call icon, I ended the call before it could go through.

I proceeded to dial Ronke’s number. She picked up immediately.

“Babe what’s up!” Her high pitched voice always had its way of cheering me up.

Ronke has been my closest friend for years now and it even was through her that I met chuks.

Her previous boyfriend Andrew, was Chuks’ cousin. she broke up with him last year.

According to her, He got a new job in another state and wanted to try a long distance kind of relationship. But Ronke wasn’t a fan of the idea. Rather than having to cope with the stress him living and working somewhere else, she got rid of him instead.

At least that’s how she puts it.

“Chuks broke up with me!” I began to cry after I said it.

“He did what!? Don’t mind the idiot, I’m coming over right now, ” Ronke was always aggressive when it comes to watching out for me. Times I had problems with people, she fought for me like it was her own problem. I wouldn’t be surprised if she went all. crazy to Chuks.

She was just the perfect person to help me get over the breakup.

A few hours later Ronke arrived at my place. She greeted me with her loud persistent knocking that could fall my door.

She met me with a warm, tight embrace when I opened the door for her.

Ronke was a bigger version of me. People always mistook us for sisters and assume she’s the elder one. Perhaps that’s the reason we became so close to each other.

She dumped the purple tote bag she came with on the center table, and she brought out a big food flask out.

She went into my kitchen and came out with some plates and cutlery then she began dishing jollof rice from the food flask.

Ronke handed me bigger of the two plates as she sat that on the sofa then we watched Tv together. Ronke just knew how to make to make happy.

We laughed at the top of our voices as we watched the comedy movie. And At that moment I didn’t about Chuks.

I thought I had gotten over the breakup until my phone rang.

Ronke passed my phone to me. I looked at who was calling, and it was Chuks.

My heart raced as I stood up from the sofa about to receive the call, but I looked at Ronke before I did.

She knew something was wrong. “Who’s that?” She asked. “It’s Chuks, ” I replied.

Ronke gave me a stern look and told me not to pick.

I watched the phone ring deciding to choose between obeying to my best friend or following my feeling.

The phone stopped ringing.

I sat down back on the sofa next to Ronke but I could no longer concentrate on the movie.

“What if I’ve made the wrong decision, “I thought to myself.

At the end of the movie, Ronke packs the plates into the kitchen and washed the dishes.

She came back to the sitting room, packed her bag and told me she was going home.

I urged her to spend the night at my place but she insisted that she had work the next day.

Before she left, she told me that she would discuss Chuks the next time she visits. She said hoped that I would be over him by then.

After seeing Ronke off, I returned back to the sofa. I tried to watch another movie but I kept dozing off.

I turned off the television and went to bed.