By the time I got to work, I met ken in my office sitting on my chair with his legs crossed on my desk while making a phone call.

He put his phone down on the work-desk and quickly brought his leg down just as he saw me enter. The manner in which jumped out of my chair was so funny that I couldn’t help it but laugh.

He stood beside the chair, stretching his arms out for a hug. I could see the top of his head while we hugged, and a few grey hairs on it caught my attention.

Ken was so round and chubby, it felt as though I had hugged a soft pillow.

Ken asked me if I was feeling better. It was really nice that he was trying to be caring unlike my madam who scolded me the previous day.

He told me that he would have loved to call and check up on me but he didn’t have my number.

Actually, ken has been asking for my number for quite sometime. I knew it was just an excuse for him to finally have my personal number. Either way, I decided to give him my number so he could go away. I had work to do.

I hissed when I saw all the files which were stacked on my table. I was already late for work and felt so disorganized.

I was so annoyed. I sat down on my chair and opened the first file. I realized someone had already made the entries for the first file. The second file too! I quickly scanned through the rest, someone had done my work for me.

Out of excitement I shouted “Ken!”

One would think he had done something wrong judging from the way I called his name.

“Did you help me to sort these out?” I asked.

Ken looked really scared and confused as he rushed into my office. He probably thought he had done something wrong

“Yes, I did, ” he replied.

I got up for my chair and I gave him a kiss on his chubby cheek. Then I hugged him so hard than Ken was blushing.

My boss wasn’t around either. She was away on a business trip so work went smoothly for me.

I had the chance to leave work early and go over to Ronke’s place. I gave Ronke a phone call to tell her I was coming.

Just as she picked I said, “Hey Ronke, are you around I’m leaving work early for you place.”

There was a brief pause.

Then She replied “Uhmm………Andrew is in town, and I’ll be spending the night with him. I’m sorry”

Wait! Was Ronke getting back with her Ex?