“You’re leaving?”

Ken asked as he stopped me along the corridor. He was holding a box, his shirt was folded up to his elbows and he was breathing heavily.

“Yes, ” I replied.

I had to leave early. My car was with the mechanic and I didn’t like taking the public transport especially in the evenings when everyone was closing from work.

“You didn’t drive today, ” he said. It seemed like he knew I was trying to beat the traffic.

Then he asked to drop me off at my place

Ken had been really nice to me these past few weeks. He had been really supportive, helping me with work and other things. So I felt I should just return the favor by accepting his request.

I followed him all the way to his office. The elevators were not working so we had to take the stairs.

By the time we got to his office. His shirt was soaked with sweat.

Ken was a bit embarrassed when he noticed. But I tried bringing up different topics to make him feel a bit comfortable.

There were files scattered all around ken’s office. Ken was the hardest working person I knew at the office.

I’d heard rumors that he had to leave his previous workplace because of downsizing and that’s the reason why he worked extra here to make himself valuable. However, I never bothered to ask him.

All I knew was that ken had been working earlier than I was.

Ken came out from a small side room in the office wearing a freshly Iron shirt. He picked up his briefcase and told me that the car was around.

Did he just order a taxi because of me? He didn’t have to.

The elevators were working by the time we got out of the office so we didn’t have to go through the stress of going down the stairs.

By the time we got to the front porch I searched for a taxi but I couldn’t find any.

Ken walked to Bentley parked right in front of the building and opened the backdoor for me.

I stood still, my mouth was wide open, I was surprised.

We got into the back seat and I couldn’t help but ask ken, “whose car is this?”

“The car is for my dad, he’s not in town so he asked his driver to drive me around” he replied.

“Sorry to ask, but what does your dad do?” I was still surprised. Ken giggled and replied ” he owns the company”

I had a lot of questions to ask Ken but I just had to mind my manners and keep the questions for later.

We got to the front of my house and the vehicle came to a halt.

“Aren’t you going to invite me inside?e?” ken asked

Ordinarily,y I wouldn’t have allowed Ken inside. But since I found out that he was a multimillionaire, he became different from me.

Ken followed me inside and sat on the sofa

I went into the kitchen to open the wine in the fridge.

We sat down and talked. I told him about my boyfriend, ronke etc.

After a few minute,s, ken said he wanted to leave.

I escorted him to the door.

I give a hug and just as I was turned. Ken pulled me back.

He brought his face close to mine. I knew he wanted to kiss me. So I brought my lips closer to him and we kissed.

We hugged again and ken left.