The back door of Ken’s bentley was opened for me to enter.

I had called ken after what happened at Chuks place to come pick me up. I needed someone to talk to and Ronke wasn’t answering her phone calls.

I couldn’t hold the tears back anymore and I began to cry immediately I saw Ken. He put his arms around me and whispered “it’s okay” continuously.

He asked what happened, but I couldn’t tell him.

Asides for a few jokes ken made to cheer me up, we kept silent almost throughout the ride until ken asked me, “your place right?”

“I don’t know,” was my reply.

I wasn’t sure I wanted to return to my place yet, I needed someone’s company. I knew I was going to feel lonely.

Ken told the driver to take us back to his place instead.

The vehicle slowly came to a halt in front of a beautiful house.

“Wow! Is this your place?” I opened my mouth wide out of surprise.

“Of course,” Ken replied confidently.

We entered the building and Ken immediately poured me a glass of wine. We sat next to each other silently sipping from our cups.

I dropped my cup and made my move for his lips.

Then we started kissing.

As I pulled down the gown I was wearing, I kept on asking myself “what was I doing?” But I felt I needed this to take my mind off several things. So I continued instead.

Ken was about to take off his shirt then he paused.

“There’s something I would like to tell you?” he said.

Oh no! I knew immediately what he was about to say and I’ve been avoiding it since. But there’s no way I could avoid it this time.

Things already felt complicated for me and I wasn’t ready for this.

” Since the day you started working at the company, I’ve had a thing for you.” He continued.

I held my hands over my face.

Ken was very likable, but he was just a friend.

“I don’t want this to only be physical, I want more” he said then was silent expecting a reply.

I took a deep breath and replied, “I know you’ve done a lot for me, but I’m sorry I don’t feel the same way”

I knew my reply sucked when I saw the disappointment on ken’s face.

My reply felt so blunt that it must have crushed poor Ken’s feeling.

An awkward silence ensued thereafter. Luckily my phone rang and it was Ronke who called.

I told Ronke about everything that happened and she told me to come over immediately.

Ken was kind enough to tell his driver to drop me off at Ronke’s place.

I stayed over at Ronke’s place for a while. Her company was really helpful.

Let’s just say, I had to skip work for a few days. Ken covered for me, what a darling!

As for chuks, he tried to have an affair with me a few weeks after he and Anita got married. But I was wiser.

I remained single thereafter, still awaiting the right person.