This short story is entirely fictional. Any Resemblance to persons, living or dead, or locations is absolutely coincidental.

This short story has not yet been fully edited. Expect some typos and grammatical errors.

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I laid awake on my bed, staring up at the ceiling as tears rolled down the sides of my face soaking a part my sheets.

The box of tissue was beside me but I felt too lazy to pick it up.

I tried not to think about Chuks but it was difficult, and whenever I thought about him I cried.

My room was scattered. It reminded me of my cheating boyfriend.

On the dresser was a framed pictured of the both of us. Out of anger, I had earlier that night thrown it on the floor and it broke the screen.

The black office chair stood between the bed and dresser. It was a gift from him, and we did so many wonderful things on that chair.

I giggled as I thought about it and began to cry again.

My mobile phone rang. I rushed to pick it up but it was only a debit alert from my bank.

I hissed and threw the phone back on the floor. It sounded as though it had broken when it fell. I picked the phone up to inspect the screen. Luckily it was still intact, the leather pouch must have protected it.

This time I gently placed the phone on the floor and went back to my bed.

What could Chuks and Anita be up to at the moment? He probably was telling her the same lies he told me. Maybe they were curled up together, holding each other tight as they lay naked on his bed.

I sighed.

I was tempted to call Chuks and rant about how I had found him with Anita. But my pride wouldn’t allow me. I wasn’t cut out for the drama. I wanted him to call me instead, so I could ignore his phone calls, he could get a piece my rage, realize his wrongdoings, and then beg me for forgiveness.

I stood up from my bed and walked into the bathroom.

Looking at the mirror, I was a mess. My eyes were teary, my hair was scattered and my makeup ruined.

I felt empty inside.

I turned the tap open, poured some water on my face, and wiped the makeup and tears off. I pulled down my clothes, and I stepped into the shower then turned the knob to let the water trickle down my body.

Under the shower, I began to cry again.

My phone rang once more.

I quickly stepped out of the shower, entering into the bedroom naked with water dripping down my body onto the rug in the room.

It wasn’t a phone call but an alert from two messages sent by chuks.

I opened the first text message, and it read ‘I think we need to give each other some space so that we could sort ourselves out’

I was shocked.

I sat on the edge of my bed still naked, I could feel the pool of tears forming in my eyes about to pour down as I opened the second message

The second message read ‘ I still love you. I hope you understand

“Understand what?” I said aloud.

That Chuks is a lying cheat who just wants to get rid of me after all that we had.

I quickly dailed Chuks’ number and waited.

Pacing around the room, I waited for him to pick. There was no answer so I dialed a second time, a third, a fourth up to a tenth time I dialed but he still did not reply.

The frustration in me was building up, I wanted an explanation or revenge.

I laid on my bed and kept on dialing his number until his phone was switched off.