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I laid awake on my bed, staring up at the ceiling as tears rolled down the sides of my face soaking a part my sheets.

The box of tissue was beside me but I felt too lazy to pick it up.

I tried not to think about Chuks but it was difficult, and whenever I thought about him I cried.

My room was scattered. It reminded me of my cheating boyfriend.

On the dresser was a framed pictured of the both of us. Out of anger, I had earlier that night thrown it on the floor and it broke the screen.

The black office chair stood between the bed and dresser. It was a gift from him, and we did so many wonderful things on that chair.

I giggled as I thought about it and began to cry again.

My mobile phone rang. I rushed to pick it up but it was only a debit alert from my bank.

I hissed and threw the phone back on the floor. It sounded as though it had broken when it fell. I picked the phone up to inspect the screen. Luckily it was still intact, the leather pouch must have protected it.

This time I gently placed the phone on the floor and went back to my bed.

What could Chuks and Anita be up to at the moment? He probably was telling her the same lies he told me. Maybe they were curled up together, holding each other tight as they lay naked on his bed.

I sighed.

I was tempted to call Chuks and rant about how I had found him with Anita. But my pride wouldn’t allow me. I wasn’t cut out for the drama. I wanted him to call me instead, so I could ignore his phone calls, he could get a piece my rage, realize his wrongdoings, and then beg me for forgiveness.

I stood up from my bed and walked into the bathroom.

Looking at the mirror, I was a mess. My eyes were teary, my hair was scattered and my makeup ruined.

I felt empty inside.

I turned the tap open, poured some water on my face, and wiped the makeup and tears off. I pulled down my clothes, and I stepped into the shower then turned the knob to let the water trickle down my body.

Under the shower, I began to cry again.

My phone rang once more.

I quickly stepped out of the shower, entering into the bedroom naked with water dripping down my body onto the rug in the room.

It wasn’t a phone call but an alert from two messages sent by chuks.

I opened the first text message, and it read ‘I think we need to give each other some space so that we could sort ourselves out’

I was shocked.

I sat on the edge of my bed still naked, I could feel the pool of tears forming in my eyes about to pour down as I opened the second message

The second message read ‘ I still love you. I hope you understand

“Understand what?” I said aloud.

That Chuks is a lying cheat who just wants to get rid of me after all that we had.

I quickly dailed Chuks’ number and waited.

Pacing around the room, I waited for him to pick. There was no answer so I dialed a second time, a third, a fourth up to a tenth time I dialed but he still did not reply.

The frustration in me was building up, I wanted an explanation or revenge.

I laid on my bed and kept on dialing his number until his phone was switched off.



The sound of Water from the shower splashing on the ground woke me up.

I had slept off accidentally leaving the shower running.

The time was just 4:00 am.

Through the windows I could see it was still dark outside.

I got up from the bed and walked to the closet.

From the closet, I picked up a pair of shorts. And then I walked topless into the bathroom to turn the shower off.

I kicked open the door connecting my bedroom to the sitting room. I turned on the light switch and walked through the sitting room into the kitchen.

There was an open packet of chocolate cookies on the kitchen counter which I carried along with a drink from the fridge.

Lazily I walked into the sitting room and turned on the television. The music channel came on immediately, and a slow love pop song which was one of chuks favorite was playing.

“What is the meaning of this! ” I said to myself.

I quickly changed the station to prevent the thoughts of the guy who had hurt me from entering my mind.

But I couldn’t help it.

Just last month he had spent a night at my place, and it was on this same sofa and we held each other as we watched a movie.

We kissed passionately throughout that when it ended, I found it difficult to recall the name of the movie.

I used to think Chuks was perfect person for me. We were supposed to get married and start a family together. so I thought.

Anita just had to come along and ruin everything.

It wouldn’t be a bad Idea to catch her at her place of work and disgrace the boyfriend snatcher. Sadly, I lacked the confidence to do so.

The alarm clock went off. I had to start getting ready for work.

I Pulled down the short and tossed it across the room, then I stepped into the shower hoping that I had enough water left to take a bath.

It took me some time to decide what I wanted to wear, switching from one outfit to another. I had to forfeit getting my makeup done.

By the time I was done, it was 7 am. I was already running late. I grabbed my handbag and a pair of high heels.

The gate-man was still washing my car.

Immediately he saw me, he began his usual plea, “sorry madam,” that always annoyed me.

I waited a few minutes for him to finish. Then he ran to open the gate.

I got into my car and drove off.



“Sort these ones too!”

My boss said as she dumped a pile of folders on my desk.

I jerked backward immediately the huge folders struck the table,

Concentrating on work that day had been a challenge for me, and so far the two cups of coffee I had taken earlier in the morning weren’t helping.

I’d spent most of the day sleeping and when I wasn’t, my attention was fixed entirely on the wall clock in the room.

It was only an hour left for me to pack my bag and go home but the extra folders meant I would have to stay back for a few more hours to have them all sorted out.

On her way out, she stopped at the doorway. She folded her arms and looked at me. The scrutiny on her face meant she was about to say something really annoying.

She came towards me and placed the back of her hand on my forehead. Then she said, “You’ve been sleeping all day Teni, are you okay?”

By her tone, I could tell she wasn’t really concerned about how I felt but wanted to find trouble instead.

I was quiet.

She stood in front expecting a reasonable explanation from me for doing practically nothing at work throughout the day. It didn’t seem like she was going to leave my office until I gave her something.

Honestly, her presence was quite discomforting.

I tried to think of a lie, but none came to mind.

How about I just tell her the truth, maybe she’ll understand. So I thought.

Taking a deep breath, I told her that my boyfriend had broken up with me the previous day.

Well, that was ridiculous.

Her reaction, however, was priceless.

She hissed, walked out of my office, then made a dramatic turn, and sat down on my desk when she returned.

“You know, I and my husband have been separated for years now. But you don’t see me complaining at work, do you? ” she said with a weird grin on her face.

I was surprised. I’d never expected such a dramatic reaction, especially from my boss.

“Get yourself together, and you better sort that out before tomorrow!” she pointed at the files on my desk before she stormed out of my office leaving the door wide open.

I held my hands over my face and began to cry when she left the office

Ken peeped into my office and asked: ” why is madam angry?”

Ken was a colleague who has been really into me since my first day in the office. He had asked me out on dates several times but I kept rejecting his offer. Ken was a nice guy, really jovial, and he made the work fun for all of us. Sadly he wasn’t my type.

He entered the office and sat on the chair opposite mine. I bent my head on the desk to hide my teary eyes from him.

“I’ll help you work on these, You should go home and rest,” he said.

I knew Ken was helping because he really liked me, and I felt I was taking advantage of him because I had no intention of returning the favor.

On the other hand, he was the one who offered to help. I didn’t force him.

I thanked him, picked up my bag and left the office.



I dropped my bag on the floor and fell on my sofa placing my feet on the center table.

I was exhausted.

There was a missed call notification on my phone which I hurriedly checked to see who it was hoping it would be Chuks.

It was my best friend Ronke who called. I was yet to tell her of the breakup.

I felt the urge to try Chuks’ number again. I searched for his number on my contact list, and just as I pressed the call icon, I ended the call before it could go through.

I proceeded to dial Ronke’s number. She picked up immediately.

“Babe what’s up!” Her high pitched voice always had its way of cheering me up.

Ronke has been my closest friend for years now and it even was through her that I met chuks.

Her previous boyfriend Andrew, was Chuks’ cousin. she broke up with him last year.

According to her, He got a new job in another state and wanted to try a long distance kind of relationship. But Ronke wasn’t a fan of the idea. Rather than having to cope with the stress him living and working somewhere else, she got rid of him instead.

At least that’s how she puts it.

“Chuks broke up with me!” I began to cry after I said it.

“He did what!? Don’t mind the idiot, I’m coming over right now, ” Ronke was always aggressive when it comes to watching out for me. Times I had problems with people, she fought for me like it was her own problem. I wouldn’t be surprised if she went all. crazy to Chuks.

She was just the perfect person to help me get over the breakup.

A few hours later Ronke arrived at my place. She greeted me with her loud persistent knocking that could fall my door.

She met me with a warm, tight embrace when I opened the door for her.

Ronke was a bigger version of me. People always mistook us for sisters and assume she’s the elder one. Perhaps that’s the reason we became so close to each other.

She dumped the purple tote bag she came with on the center table, and she brought out a big food flask out.

She went into my kitchen and came out with some plates and cutlery then she began dishing jollof rice from the food flask.

Ronke handed me bigger of the two plates as she sat that on the sofa then we watched Tv together. Ronke just knew how to make to make happy.

We laughed at the top of our voices as we watched the comedy movie. And At that moment I didn’t about Chuks.

I thought I had gotten over the breakup until my phone rang.

Ronke passed my phone to me. I looked at who was calling, and it was Chuks.

My heart raced as I stood up from the sofa about to receive the call, but I looked at Ronke before I did.

She knew something was wrong. “Who’s that?” She asked. “It’s Chuks, ” I replied.

Ronke gave me a stern look and told me not to pick.

I watched the phone ring deciding to choose between obeying to my best friend or following my feeling.

The phone stopped ringing.

I sat down back on the sofa next to Ronke but I could no longer concentrate on the movie.

“What if I’ve made the wrong decision, “I thought to myself.

At the end of the movie, Ronke packs the plates into the kitchen and washed the dishes.

She came back to the sitting room, packed her bag and told me she was going home.

I urged her to spend the night at my place but she insisted that she had work the next day.

Before she left, she told me that she would discuss Chuks the next time she visits. She said hoped that I would be over him by then.

After seeing Ronke off, I returned back to the sofa. I tried to watch another movie but I kept dozing off.

I turned off the television and went to bed.



The cold wind from the air conditioner sent chills straight to my body.

It was the middle of the night, I began feeling lonely. I felt like cuddling.

I brought out an old thriller novel from my drawer and I tried to read but it was difficult to concentrate. I tried to go back to sleep but I kept rolling from one corner of my bed to another.

Chuks was still on my mind. I missed him and wanted to talk to him so badly. I wanted to talk about us. I wanted him to still has feelings for me and wouldn’t mind us getting back together.

But what was I thinking? Ronke had already told me to forget about Chuks, and she was right.

I knew I had to move on, but it wasn’t going to be easy. With chuks I had made plans, like marriage and so on.

Uh! The stress of starting all over again with someone else.

I got up from the bed and picked up my phone from the top of my dresser. Shivers ran down my spine as I impulsively searched for chuks’ number and dialed it.

The dial tone began ringing immediately. I waited patiently until it stopped ringing, there was no reply.

I relaxed a bit. As I was about to drop the phone, it started ringing.

Chuks was the one calling. I quickly picked and waited for him to say something.

He was silent.

I could hear in the background slow music playing but he said nothing. I didn’t know what to say either, so I kept quiet.

Finally I cut the call to end the awkward silence. I felt empty thereafter. I felt so silly. Giving chuks a phone call was a bad idea. “What was I expecting?” I thought to myself.

Returning to my bed, I hit my shin hard on the bed frame. It hurt so bad that I began to cry.

I started to rain insults on Anita like she was the one who hit me on my shin.

“Why did chuks just have to do this to me despite the love we had?” What did he even see in that girl Anita. I felt so confused.

Honestly, I was prettier than her. I had a job that paid very well.

Still thinking about her phone vibrated.

I lazily stretched my hand to pick it up from the dresser. It was a message from chuks.

I hurriedly opened it. and it was chuks telling me how much he missed me and cherished what we had.

I felt a bit excited initially, then I began to feel sad again. I thought I wanted to get back with Chuks so bad, but now I was just confused. On the other hand nothing in the message specified that he wanted to get back with me.

I went back to read the message again, reading each word loudly like a child learning how to read. I needed an expert opinion on his message, and Ronke was the perfect person for the job. “But Ronke told me not to call Chuks,” I thought to myself.

I quickly sent a message to Ronke that I would be coming over her place tomorrow.



By the time I got to work, I met ken in my office sitting on my chair with his legs crossed on my desk while making a phone call.

He put his phone down on the work-desk and quickly brought his leg down just as he saw me enter. The manner in which jumped out of my chair was so funny that I couldn’t help it but laugh.

He stood beside the chair, stretching his arms out for a hug. I could see the top of his head while we hugged, and a few grey hairs on it caught my attention.

Ken was so round and chubby, it felt as though I had hugged a soft pillow.

Ken asked me if I was feeling better. It was really nice that he was trying to be caring unlike my madam who scolded me the previous day.

He told me that he would have loved to call and check up on me but he didn’t have my number.

Actually, ken has been asking for my number for quite sometime. I knew it was just an excuse for him to finally have my personal number. Either way, I decided to give him my number so he could go away. I had work to do.

I hissed when I saw all the files which were stacked on my table. I was already late for work and felt so disorganized.

I was so annoyed. I sat down on my chair and opened the first file. I realized someone had already made the entries for the first file. The second file too! I quickly scanned through the rest, someone had done my work for me.

Out of excitement I shouted “Ken!”

One would think he had done something wrong judging from the way I called his name.

“Did you help me to sort these out?” I asked.

Ken looked really scared and confused as he rushed into my office. He probably thought he had done something wrong

“Yes, I did, ” he replied.

I got up for my chair and I gave him a kiss on his chubby cheek. Then I hugged him so hard than Ken was blushing.

My boss wasn’t around either. She was away on a business trip so work went smoothly for me.

I had the chance to leave work early and go over to Ronke’s place. I gave Ronke a phone call to tell her I was coming.

Just as she picked I said, “Hey Ronke, are you around I’m leaving work early for you place.”

There was a brief pause.

Then She replied “Uhmm………Andrew is in town, and I’ll be spending the night with him. I’m sorry”

Wait! Was Ronke getting back with her Ex?



“You’re leaving?”

Ken asked as he stopped me along the corridor. He was holding a box, his shirt was folded up to his elbows and he was breathing heavily.

“Yes, ” I replied.

I had to leave early. My car was with the mechanic and I didn’t like taking the public transport especially in the evenings when everyone was closing from work.

“You didn’t drive today, ” he said. It seemed like he knew I was trying to beat the traffic.

Then he asked to drop me off at my place

Ken had been really nice to me these past few weeks. He had been really supportive, helping me with work and other things. So I felt I should just return the favor by accepting his request.

I followed him all the way to his office. The elevators were not working so we had to take the stairs.

By the time we got to his office. His shirt was soaked with sweat.

Ken was a bit embarrassed when he noticed. But I tried bringing up different topics to make him feel a bit comfortable.

There were files scattered all around ken’s office. Ken was the hardest working person I knew at the office.

I’d heard rumors that he had to leave his previous workplace because of downsizing and that’s the reason why he worked extra here to make himself valuable. However, I never bothered to ask him.

All I knew was that ken had been working earlier than I was.

Ken came out from a small side room in the office wearing a freshly Iron shirt. He picked up his briefcase and told me that the car was around.

Did he just order a taxi because of me? He didn’t have to.

The elevators were working by the time we got out of the office so we didn’t have to go through the stress of going down the stairs.

By the time we got to the front porch I searched for a taxi but I couldn’t find any.

Ken walked to Bentley parked right in front of the building and opened the backdoor for me.

I stood still, my mouth was wide open, I was surprised.

We got into the back seat and I couldn’t help but ask ken, “whose car is this?”

“The car is for my dad, he’s not in town so he asked his driver to drive me around” he replied.

“Sorry to ask, but what does your dad do?” I was still surprised. Ken giggled and replied ” he owns the company”

I had a lot of questions to ask Ken but I just had to mind my manners and keep the questions for later.

We got to the front of my house and the vehicle came to a halt.

“Aren’t you going to invite me inside?e?” ken asked

Ordinarily,y I wouldn’t have allowed Ken inside. But since I found out that he was a multimillionaire, he became different from me.

Ken followed me inside and sat on the sofa

I went into the kitchen to open the wine in the fridge.

We sat down and talked. I told him about my boyfriend, ronke etc.

After a few minute,s, ken said he wanted to leave.

I escorted him to the door.

I give a hug and just as I was turned. Ken pulled me back.

He brought his face close to mine. I knew he wanted to kiss me. So I brought my lips closer to him and we kissed.

We hugged again and ken left.



I tried my best to avoid ken at work all day.

Although we bumped into each other a few times that day, I quickly pretended that I was busy just to make him go away.

I was still trying to process what had happened between us the previous day. I needed enough time to think of the right move.

Honestly, I would have never thought he was worth that much had he not dropped me off at my place. And I would have never imagined kissing him.

But things like this happen for a reason.

I still wasn’t into ken. I was simply overwhelmed by the surprise.

However, I couldn’t wait to give Ronke the full gist.

On the other hand, I had set up a date with Chuks for the evening. Not really a date though, but we just wanted to talk about us.

I left work for my place and freshened up a bit. I changed my work clothes to a tight gowm and left the house for Chuks place.

When I got to his place, I called him to tell him that I was already at his front gate.

My heart raced when he came out. He gave me a hug and I just wanted to melt.

We entered his house.

“What happened between us? “Chuks asked.

“Why did you leave me for her?” I asked in response.

“I was silly, I didn’t realize what had then, and I made a huge mistake. I’ve sent Anita away to be with you and only you,” he said.

His words easily got to me. Why won’t it? I was desperate.

Here I was, in front of me the man who I loved and clearly still do, who had hurt my feeling, and made the past few weeks awful for me.

But the only thought on my mind was kissing his lips.

He leaned closer and kissed me. It was just as if he had read my mind.

I closed my eyes, it felt as if I was floating in the air. His hands traced a line from the top of my back down to my bra strap and in a few second my bra was loose.

Almost immediately someone was banging hard on the front door. I quickly fixed my bra.

Chuks left to check the door while I sat down.

Shortly afterwards, I saw Anita pacing into the room, and all of a sudden, she was hurling any item she could lay her hands on toward my direction.

Chuks held her so that she would stop throwing them.

Anita began screaming, she insulted me and said I should leave her Chuks alone. And she also mentioned that they were getting married.

That really got to me.

“He lied to me again,” I thought to myself.

I picked up my bag and left the house. Chuks followed me and begged me to call him. Anita followed too, still trying to throw punches at me while Chuks prevented her from doing so.

It was so embarrassing.

I left Chuks place angry. I felt used.



The back door of Ken’s bentley was opened for me to enter.

I had called ken after what happened at Chuks place to come pick me up. I needed someone to talk to and Ronke wasn’t answering her phone calls.

I couldn’t hold the tears back anymore and I began to cry immediately I saw Ken. He put his arms around me and whispered “it’s okay” continuously.

He asked what happened, but I couldn’t tell him.

Asides for a few jokes ken made to cheer me up, we kept silent almost throughout the ride until ken asked me, “your place right?”

“I don’t know,” was my reply.

I wasn’t sure I wanted to return to my place yet, I needed someone’s company. I knew I was going to feel lonely.

Ken told the driver to take us back to his place instead.

The vehicle slowly came to a halt in front of a beautiful house.

“Wow! Is this your place?” I opened my mouth wide out of surprise.

“Of course,” Ken replied confidently.

We entered the building and Ken immediately poured me a glass of wine. We sat next to each other silently sipping from our cups.

I dropped my cup and made my move for his lips.

Then we started kissing.

As I pulled down the gown I was wearing, I kept on asking myself “what was I doing?” But I felt I needed this to take my mind off several things. So I continued instead.

Ken was about to take off his shirt then he paused.

“There’s something I would like to tell you?” he said.

Oh no! I knew immediately what he was about to say and I’ve been avoiding it since. But there’s no way I could avoid it this time.

Things already felt complicated for me and I wasn’t ready for this.

” Since the day you started working at the company, I’ve had a thing for you.” He continued.

I held my hands over my face.

Ken was very likable, but he was just a friend.

“I don’t want this to only be physical, I want more” he said then was silent expecting a reply.

I took a deep breath and replied, “I know you’ve done a lot for me, but I’m sorry I don’t feel the same way”

I knew my reply sucked when I saw the disappointment on ken’s face.

My reply felt so blunt that it must have crushed poor Ken’s feeling.

An awkward silence ensued thereafter. Luckily my phone rang and it was Ronke who called.

I told Ronke about everything that happened and she told me to come over immediately.

Ken was kind enough to tell his driver to drop me off at Ronke’s place.

I stayed over at Ronke’s place for a while. Her company was really helpful.

Let’s just say, I had to skip work for a few days. Ken covered for me, what a darling!

As for chuks, he tried to have an affair with me a few weeks after he and Anita got married. But I was wiser.

I remained single thereafter, still awaiting the right person.


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