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How Much Cocktail Sauce Per Pound Of Shrimp?

One of the ways you can impress your guests at a party is with mouthwatering dishes like shrimp cocktail. 

In this dish, boiled shrimps are typically paired with a cocktail sauce.

This sauce is a classic sauce that is often enjoyed with seafood. 

Cocktail sauce can easily be made at home from a few readily available ingredients. 

However, when feeding a group of people, it’s always good to plan the portions ahead, so that you have just enough for everybody.

If you are making shrimp cocktail, you need the right amount of cocktail sauce.  

So, how much cocktail sauce would be enough for a pound of shrimp? 

For a pound of shrimp, you should consider making about one and a half cup cocktail sauce.

Continue reading to understand how this portion works.

How many shrimps in a pound? 

Shrimps are usually sold by the count of shrimps per pound  

A range is usually indicated on the label showing how many shrimps one would expect in a pound. 

The size of Shrimp varies and therefore, the count in a pound would depends on how big or small the shrimps are  

The smaller sized shrimp have a greater count. For the smaller sized shrimp, there could be about 60 shrimps contained in a pound. 

As the size of shrimps increases, the amount contained in a pound reduced as well, with the largest sized shrimps being less than 10 in a pound  

Serving size for shrimps

The size of the shrimps determines how they can be used.

Shrimp cocktail could be served as a party dish, for a group of people.

This dish is usually made with medium to large sized shrimps 

For medium sized shrimps, 9 to 11 shrimps are enough for each person 

For large sized shrimp, the serving size is between 5 to 7 for each person when they are used in shrimp cocktail

So, if you’re using the large sized shrimps, which contains between 31 to 35 shrimps in a pound, then that’ll be just enough for 6 to 7 people.

How to make cocktail sauce

Cocktail sauce is very easy to make.

In its simplest form the sauce is made from a mixture of ketchup and prepared horse reddish

Other ingredients could be added to give the sauce more flavor  

Here’s a simple recipe for cocktail sauce;

  • 1 cup of ketchup 
  • 2 tablespoons of Worcestershire sauce, 
  • 2 teaspoons of prepared horseradish 
  • Squeeze some Lemon juice

Mix the ingredients together in a bowl.

This is enough to make one and a half cup of cocktail sauce which is just enough for a pound of shrimps  

In conclusion

One of the most common ways of using cocktail sauce is with shrimps in shrimp cocktail 

The cocktail sauce is served by the side of boiled shrimps to be used as a dipping sauce 

It is very easy to make, you can also buy it from the grocery store,

However, making it by yourself you get to decide what else you want to add to the sauce.

Tabasco sauce, hot sauce, and a variety of spices could also be added to make cocktail sauce 

The serving size for a pound of shrimps is between one to one and a half cups of cocktail sauce