How To Get Rid Of Cheese Clumps In Alfredo Sauce

Making the perfect Alfredo sauce is not always an easy task.

Alfredo sauce is a delicate sauce, and sometimes the sauce may break, or Cheese clumps could form when the sauce isn’t made properly 

Although the sauce can still be consumed, it may not be as appealing as it is supposed to be, and the texture isn’t great either. 

There are different reasons why cheese clumps could form in Alfredo, and there are different ways to fix it. 

In this post, we look at what to do when Alfredo sauce clumps. 

Why is Alfredo sauce clumping?

There are different reasons why the cheese could form clumps in Alfredo sauce, these are some of them:

Size of cheese

A variety of hard and crumbly cheeses are used to make Alfredo sauce such as Parmesan cheese. 

Before this cheese is added into the sauce, it is usually finely grated.

The small bits of cheese have a greater surface area, and this ensures a more even distribution of heat for the cheese to melt.

On the other hand, Parmesan cheese is likely to form clumps if not finely grated.

This is because the larger pieces of the cheese have a lesser surface area that is exposed to heat, which causes the cheese to melt unevenly and the clumps to form. 

Not enough moisture

If the dish is too dry, it’ll also cause clumps to form.

Adding cheese to make the sauce when there is not enough moisture would likely cause the cheese to form clumps.  

The liquid in the dish allows for an even distribution of heat and makes the cheese melt well.  

Overheating the sauce

Making Alfredo sauce requires a delicate balance of temperature 

If the temperature is too hot, or the heat is uneven, the sauce may break or form curds.

Cheese is composed mostly of fat, protein and water. Maintaining this compound in a homogeneous state is required for a good sauce 

Excessive heat could cause the protein and the water in the cheese to separate.

Overheating the sauce also causes the proteins in the cheese to coagulate forming curds. 

Adding the cheese too fast

Another thing that could cause clumps to form is adding too much cheese to the sauce at once.

By adding too much of the cheese at once, there is an uneven heat distribution causing the cheese to form clumps as some won’t receive enough heat.

Cheese clumps can also form if you do not stir the sauce very well when adding the cheese.

How to fix cheese clumps in Alfredo sauce

There are different ways to get rid of these clumps and fix the sauce to make it better.

First, you’ll need to take the pan off heat as it begins to form clumps 

Add some milk and whisk

Add some milk to the sauce and whisk to break small clumps of cheese.

If you are whisking and you notice that clumps do form, you can use the whisk to break the clumps and continue stirring.

This is effective for smaller clumps and as long as there is adequate liquid in the pasta 

Use a sieve

You can use a sieve to separate clumps from the rest of the sauce.

Place the sieve over a bowl and pass the sauce through the sieve  

A plastic spoon could also be used to break the clumps by forcing them through the holes of the sieve  

Add some ice

For sauce that is curdling, add some ice to the sauce to help cool it down.

You can also drizzle some lemon juice over the sauce and then whisk   

Your aim is to minimize the curdling and break the small curds that have been formed.

Sieve the sauce if the curds are small sized and few. This technique may not be as effective for larger sized curds

For larger curds you may have to blend the sauce if the pasta has not been tossed.

How to keep cheese from clumping

Here are some tips on how to prevent Alfredo sauce from forming cheese clumps

Grate the cheese properly

To achieve a sauce with a smooth texture, make use of finely grated Parmesan cheese.

Finely grate the cheese using a box grater. The finely grated Parmesan cheese would yield a smooth and velvety sauce.

Add some flour to the sauce

Adding a teaspoon of flour to the sauce can help prevent the sauce from forming clumps.

Some starch while making the sauce could also prevent it from breaking.

Avoid overheating the sauce

Adding the cheese when the sauce is too hot can cause clumps to form and the sauce to break 

It is also recommended to take the pan off the heat when you stir in the Parmesan cheese  

Add the cheese gently to the sauce

There’s a proper technique to adding cheese to the Alfredo sauce

The cheese should be added slowly  

You should add the finely grated cheese bit by bit while stirring the dish.

This ensures that the Parmesan cheese gets enough heat for it to be melted 

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