Ignoring Someone You Are Attracted To, Does It Work To Get Their Attention?

Ignoring someone seems like a smart move to make when you want their attention. But how well does ignoring someone you are attracted to work to get their attention?

Perhaps if the person was concerned enough to want to know why they were being ignored in the first place, it may work to get their attention. But assuming it was someone who genuinely didn’t care why they were being ignored all of a sudden, this plan could backfire and the person could begin to ignore you too.

Also, there’s the chance that you could take it too far and just eventually lose any interest the person you are attracted to has for you.

It could be a really confusing signal if you are the one being ignored, and you are likely to interpret it for something it isn’t.

Why some people ignore a person they are attracted to

Ignoring someone you're attracted to

1. They don’t want to give away their feeling too easily

2. They could be shy

3. Staring could be awkward

4. They want their crush to make a move

5. They want to know if the person cares (A lack of trust)

6. They’re playing mind games

7. They could have been offended

What to do assuming someone you like is ignoring you

What to do if someone is Ignoring you

1. Confirm that the person is ignoring you

2. Approach them in a polite manner

3. Observe their reaction for more cues

4. Apologize if you’ve done something wrong

5. Give them some space