New Relationship Tips:15 Things To Talk About With Your Girlfriend

There’s an excitement that comes with meeting someone new and then falling in love with them.

The new relationship tends to be engaging as you desire to be together all the time, talk through the phone if at a distance and comfort yourselves with thoughts of each other when you are unable to communicate.

You put in all these efforts as you try to show each other that you care.

There are a lot of things that you talk about with your girlfriend in a new relationship and certain details about yourselves that you could share. Since you’re paying a lot of attention to each other, you should use the opportunity to get to know her very well at this point in the relationship.

That being said, it is easy for one to be carried away by this excitement and mount a lot of pressure on their new partner, either by trying to push the relationship at a much faster pace than she is comfortable with or bringing up things which she is not ready to talk about yet.

Therefore, it is also important to take it slow, so as not to ruin the new relationship.

In this post, I’ll share a few things you could talk about with your girlfriend in a new relationship.


What to discuss with your girlfriend

1. Interests

There are certain things that define a person, what they are interested in is one of them. To have some understanding of who your partner is, you would have to know what her interests are and also her inclination towards certain interests. It’ll be awesome to find a common interest with your new partner, something to bond over and bring the two of you even closer together. Some interests to talk about include:

  • Pets
  • Outdoor activities and sports
  • Music
  • Fashion
  • Tech
  • Shopping
  • travel

2. Goals

You would like to know how ambitious your girlfriend is and what drives her ambition. You could get her to talk about her goals and share yours also, find out what these goals mean to your girlfriend and how she intends to attain those goals. Talk about ways you could assist her in achieving her goals if she may require your support at some point, it shows that you care.

You could ask about her about:

  • Long and short term goals
  • The drive behind these goals
  • How important these goals are
  • Is she willing to attain these goals despite obstacles
  • What her plan is

3. Friends

The type of friends she has would give you an idea on the type of person she is. Her social circle could have an influence on her and her relationship with you. You should find out what the friendship means to her and what she’s willing to do for her friends, that could give you a perspective on what your own relationship with her could be like. At some point, she may introduce you to her friends, though the early part of the relationship might not be the best time to give certain opinions about her friends. But if you feel you have to, for her own sake, then you should do so with care. You could talk about:

  • How she met her friends
  • How long have they been friends
  • What they have in common

4. Family

A discussion about family could give you an insight into some of her attitudes, family play an important role in molding people into what they are and could also make them behave in certain ways. Talk about:

  • How close to family is she
  • How many siblings she has
  • Her Fun memories growing up

5. Career

Asides from knowing what she does or what she’s studying, talking about career could tell you about how seriously she takes her job. Is she a workaholic who would spend time away from you, a perfectionist who wants everything done right and would require you to meet up with certain standard in the relationship.

  • What her dream job is
  • How much she likes her current job
  • What her previous job was and why she left
  • Her best or worst job

6. Books/TV

Books, TV shows, movies, and music are great topics to bond over. They could also be easy to talk about.

  • Favorite author
  • Favorite genre
  • Memorable quotes from books
  • Best scenes in movies
  • Classic movies
  • Reaction to movies

7. Favorites

Assuming you wanted to get a gift for her and you had to pick a color, her favorite color might just be the best option. Knowing some of her favorite things would mean a lot to her especially when it comes to surprises, it shows that you are paying attention to her and that is really thoughtful.

  • Music
  • Actor/actresses
  • Artiste
  • Artwork

8. Compliments

Asides from getting to know her, you can tell her how you feel about her. Try to compliment her enough, tell your girlfriend what you admire most about her or find attractive; her smile, the way she brushes her hair with her hands and so on. All these things you say could bring the both of you closer. Try not to get creepy with the compliments though, or else that may be an instant red flag

9. Love/romance

Discuss what love means to her and how she feels about romantic gestures. It gives you a chance to learn about her romantic habits and how to be able to maintain the relationship with her. Talk about

  • Your first impression about each other
  • The trust you have for each other
  • Your Respect for each other
  • Fun moments together
  • What you find attractive in each other

10. Daily routine

A great way to be show her that you are both a good listener and interested in her welfare is by asking her how her day went. Let her open up to you about the exciting things that happened and the difficulties she endured.

  • Talk about daily routine
  • Evening routine
  • Weekend routine
  • What happened at work
  • What she did during the day

11. Dates

It’ll be exciting to talk about spending some quality time or bond over planning dates and outings together. You and your new partner could talk about:

  • where to spend your vacation
  • Favorite vacation spot
  • New activities to try out

12. Pet peeves

In as much as you want to know about her interests, you should also ask her what she dislikes, just to be on the safe side and prevent yourself from ruining the relationship.

13. Food

Food could be a great topic to talk about in a new relationship. How to prepare food, new restaurants to try out and also what you think about different meals.

  • Favorite meal
  • Least favorite meal
  • Favorite place to eat
  • Do they like cooking

14. Fantasies

Ask her about her fantasies and share yours with her also.

15. Role models

Talk about where she gets her inspiration from, the people who inspire her and why she looks up to them. Her role models could also give you an insight on what she’s like or what she want’s to become.


The start of a new relationship could arguably be the most exciting part of a relationship considering the amount of energy dedicated to each other as the new couple enjoys their newfound love.

The new relationship is about having fun, and so, one could be Ignorant of the flaws of their partners, or that their partner is still attached to an ex which could become a problem maybe later on in the relationship.

It’s far to easy to let all the warning signs slip away earlier in the relationship.

Therefore, it would be wise to be observant and not only use this period to express your love for your partner.