The proposal week


Cynthia was not the kind of girl who stuck to only one boyfriend. In fact, she had four of them whom she all liked.

Maybe she liked Kelvin more, the tall, dark and handsome model with the broad chest, seductive eyes, and lips.

She always had a thing for bad boys and Kelvin perfectly fit the description.

She also had Balogun, who had no restriction when it came to spending his money on her.

He got her a brand new car on their first valentine together and even offered to rent for her a penthouse on the Island which she declined.

Balogun was the son of a big man, and money didn’t mean anything to him, especially when it came to Cynthia.

Then there was Chidi, the career guy. He was the one she showed off to her relatives and went out to functions with.

He was a medical doctor and that was the type of man they wanted her to bring home as a husband.

But Chidi who worked at Enugu kept a very busy schedule and this made it easier for her to cheat on him.

Last but not least, there was Eric, the husband material.

Eric knew how to pamper her with his wonderful dishes, send her the most romantic text messages ever and make her feel so good about herself.

Cynthia knew very well how to avoid one of her boyfriends from finding out about the other and she could rotate them properly that she spent enough time with each one of them.

She knew she would have to get married at some point but she was caught up in the fun she was having.

The way they treated her like a queen, it made her feel so good about herself, and she didn’t want to let go of any of them.

They were the perfect boyfriends and she had all four of them wrapped around her fingers. Besides she felt she was still young and ready to party.