The proposal week


Nothing annoyed Cynthia more than Eric’s phone call the next morning.

“Hey, are you still coming over?” He asked and then she switched off her phone immediately he said it.

She had even forgotten about him with all the Kelvin drama. Besides, she was still yet to call Kelvin.

She wanted to wait till his show over, and then clear things and with him.

The wait, however, was agonizing as she rolled from one corner of her bed to the other, feeding her mind with thoughts of him.

Eric was making it worse, he only wanted to spend some time with her, but her anger made her interpret it as being desperate.

Maybe he actually was.

She couldn’t hold it any longer as she turned back her phone on to the Kelvin a phone call.

Just before she had finish dialing kelvin’s number, Eric was already calling again.

His being relentless pissed her off as she kept declining his calls but he kept calling back instead.

She slammed her phone onto the bed and bounced off, landing on the ground.

She noticed a crack extending from the top to the bottom of her screen when she picked the phone up.

However, the touchpad still functioned so she could however still make use of the phone.

She picked Eric’s next incoming call and screamed: “stop disturbing me!”

One would think the poor Eric would give up calling her but instead his phone calls that day became incessant.