The proposal week


Cynthia was excited when she saw Chidi outside the arrival lounge that she jumped on him.

Chidi caught her as she hugged him, nearly losing his balance and falling down.

“How was your flight? ” he asked while he stretched his hand to collect the small traveling bag she came with.

“I’m so exhausted,” she replied, taking out a pair of sunglasses from one of the side pockets and wearing it just before handing her traveling bag over chidi.

“You packed light, ” he said when he collected the bag and she grinned.

“How’s work, hope they are not stressing you?” She asked.

“Work is fine,” Chidi replied

Chidi led in front holding her bag as the couple walked a short distance to the carpark.

He stopped by the side of a black Honda and reached out for the door handle to open it.

“You got a new car!” She said when she saw the black Honda.

“Oh, the car. It’s not mine it’s for you. I mean when you decide to move here.”

“Was this the surprise you were telling me about,” Cynthia asked.

“Not really, let’s get to the house and I’ll show you.”

Chidi started the engine of the car and drove slowly out of the carpark into the expressway.