The proposal week


The car finally came to a stop in front of a neatly decorated house with flower aligned in the front gate.

“Your new house looks incredible, ” Cynthia said.

You mean our new house he replied with a smile on his face while she scorned.

The gates were opened by the gateman and Chidi drove inside parking his car at on corner of the house.

They both got down from the vehicle and she walked behind him as he went through the front door.

The couple entered the sitting room and Cynthia sat down on one of the chairs immediately.

“Don’t you want to go the room, ” he said as he looked back at her.

“I’m so exhausted, ” she replied.

“I’ll take your bags inside and get hot water running for you.”

Chidi took her bags inside while Cynthia remained in the sitting room using her phone.