The proposal week


It was already getting dark by the time Cynthia had woken up.

She realized that she had slept off of the sofa. She got up form the chair and called out Chidi’s name but there was no reply.

It appeared that Chidi had stepped out.

She found her way around the house into the room where she pulled down her to take a shower in the bathroom which was beside the bedroom.

As she stepped out of the bathroom, she caught sight of Chidi’s plaques and medals neatly placed on a shelve along his large textbook.

She lifted the first plaque to read what was written on it.

When she was done admiring it, she dropped it back on the shelve and proceeded to lift the second plaque.

As she lifted the second plaque up, she caught sign of a jewel box hidden behind.

She dropped the plaque down and picked up the jewel box.

There was a ring inside when she opened it.

She could now make sense of where his marriage discussion earlier that day was leading up to.

Like Kelvin, chidi too wanted to propose. And she wasn’t going to have any of that.

She carried the jewel box and hid it in her bag.