The Proposal Week

This short story is entirely fictional. Any Resemblance to persons, living or dead, or locations is absolutely coincidental.

This short story has not yet been fully edited. Expect some typos and grammatical errors.

All Rights Reserved.


Cynthia woke up to the sound of the alarm clock on her phone, it was another beautiful day.

The first thing she did after she said her prayers was to check her phone to see who couldn’t help thinking about her over the night.

She had a missed call from Chidi whom she was on a phone call with the previous night before she slept off.

He was on his usual night shift at the hospital, and an emergency came up during their phone call which he had to attend to.

Eric, as usual, sent his long good morning text expressing his deep love and admiration for Cynthia, and it brightened her face up with a smile.

‘I don’t deserve you’ she replied his text along with a kiss emoji. Indeed she didn’t deserve him.

She had to start getting for work. She got into the shower of her ensuite bedroom, pulled her clothes, turned on the knob and as the first few drops of cold water trickled down her back, she quickly jumped out of the shower.

“It was cold over the night and that must have been the reason the water felt ice cold, ” Cynthia thought to herself.

At that moment she wished she had just accepted the new apartment Balogun had offered her, which had a hot water shower in all of its bathrooms. But Balogun had just gotten her a car and the apartment felt like too much.

Cynthia tied her towel around her body and walked to the kitchen where she poured some water in the electric kettle to boil.

As the water boiled, she took out the leftover chicken stew which Eric had prepared for her from the refrigerator and put it in the microwave to defrost.

The electric kettle automatically went off when the water in it had heated to boiling point, and then she poured the steamy hot water into a bucket which she carried into the bathroom.

She then turned on the tap in the bathroom to make the water a bit warm.

She pulled her towel and used a small plastic bowl to take her bath.