The proposal week


“Did you see any jewel box?” Chidi asked as he frantically searched through all the items in the room for the jewel box which Cynthia hid.

“You’ve been searching for this box since, are you sure that you kept it here

“Yes I’m sure and no one comes into the room

What was even in the box

I can’t tell you, it’s supposed to be a surprise for you he replied nervously

“How am I sure your other girlfriends have not carried it, ” Cynthia joked.

“I’m not joking Cynthia

“Forget the box and come to bed Chidi,” Cynthia said to him.

You know I’m going back to Lagos tomorrow, come to bed or I’ll sleep off.

“I can’t believe I can be so clumsy to misplace it, ” he lamented as he laid down on the bed with Cynthia.

“Don’t worry, I’ll come and visit again and then you can have the chance to plan your surprise properly.