The proposal week


One of Balogun’s driver was at the airport waiting for Cynthia when she arrived.

“Mr. Balogun asked me to pick you up, ” the old man dressed in a worn out traditional attire said.

“I thought he was the one coming to get me,”

“He’s unavailable at the moment, ” the man replied as he offered to help her with her bag.

As he came closer to collect her bag, he smelled of alcohol and it made her feel nauseous.

“Hope you are not drunk sir, ” she said to the man who gave her a stern look in return.

“I think I would find my way back to my place by myself,” she said as she pulled her small traveling bag away from the driver who gripped it tightly.

The old man felt offended. He angrily got into the car and started the engine while Cynthia moved away from the vehicle.

Without wasting much time, he drove off leaving her behind at the carpark with her traveling bag.

Cynthia was surprised, “what just happened?” She asked herself.

She pulled out her phone to dial Balogun’s number. She called it thrice but he didn’t reply.

Cynthia knew that Eric’s place was nearby but she was reluctant to give Eric a phone call. She’d even previously blocked his number to avoid his phone calls

Finally, she decided to give Eric a phone call

Eric eagerly received her called immediately she called him.

“I’m at your junction, ” she said.

“I’ll be there in the next few minutes,” Eric replied

A few minutes later, Eric pulled up with a taxi into the carpark where Cynthia was still standing.