The proposal week


“Where are you coming from”, Eric asked her when he saw the traveling bag, but Cynthia Ignored him. He tried to help her with her luggage but she declined.

They both got into the taxi which drove them to where Eric lived, a b.q with two small rooms.

Cynthia despised going to Eric’s place.

His apartment was so small and all his belonging were all cramped up into the small spaces.

Her place was much bigger than his, but what really marveled her was how Eric managed to still keep the place tidy always.

“Was there something I did to offend you, ” he asked as they got off the taxi.

Cynthia continued to Ignore him as she glanced through her phone screen.

Apart from being excessively needy, Eric had done nothing wrong.

He only wanted to be with her, but she was upset about a lot of things, and she decided the unload her anger on him.

“Cynthia, ” Eric called out her name as they entered inside.

“What is it Eric?” she complained.

“I know you probably think I don’t take you seriously and you expect more from me, ” he continued.

Cynthia was surprised, “where is he leading to?” she thought to herself.

“That’s why I decided to make my move and show you that I’m Invested in this our relationship,” Eric said as he took out an engagement ring from his pocket.