The proposal week


Cynthia was surprised, she didn’t know how to react. Eric’s gesture was a shocker.

“Eric, I don’t know,” she replied.

Her reply shattered him. He felt ashamed.

“What do you mean, ” he asked.

“I mean this is just too much for me to process, ” she replied.

Eric walked to the one corner of the small room, sat down on a chair and crossed his legs

“I want you to be honest with me, he said. ” you’re seeing another person right?”

“Why would you say such?”

“Don’t pretend, I saw you. With the huge bearded guy, at the restaurant, I worked there last week. The way he looked at you, and how you smiled back at him. There was something more to that.”

” Eric stops all these your accusations, you’re just being insensitive and insure!”

“I thought so initially too. I kept giving excuses for you. Then I realized you were just drifting away from me.

“I think I should be going, you’re crazy,” she said as she got up and headed for the door that was directly in front of her.

“Well, I think you should go. I don’t even want to be with someone who doesn’t appreciate me.” He shouted as she left

Immediately Cynthia’s phone began to ring. Balogun was calling.

She received his call just after she had stepped out of Eric’s place.

“Where are you?” He asked.

“Your driver abandoned me.”

“Why would he do such?

” I think he was drunk. Can you come to pick me up, I’ll text you the address”

” Yeah, ” he replied.