The proposal week


Cynthia stepped out of the shower into her bedroom with water dripping from her hair onto her rug.

She dried her body with her towel, put on her underwear and went in front of the mirror to pose, admiring her wonderful figure.

Her squats were definitely producing results.

From her wardrobe, she brought out a drycleaned shirt and a pair of black pants to match.

Cynthia quickly wore the clothes and she returned into the kitchen to check on her breakfast which had just finished defrosting.

She took out two pieces of chicken from the stew, transferred them onto a flat plate and returned the rest of the stew back into the fridge.

She was already running late so ate her breakfast quickly.

She grabbed her wig, put on her shoes and then she rushed out of her apartment.

Her red SUV stood out from the other cars in the car park. The car had just been washed and had a glossy appearance.

She got into the car and drove off.

While stuck in the morning Lagos traffic, she brought out one of her spare makeup bags which was always kept in the glove box of the car, and she did her makeup as she cruised along the lane of slow-moving cars in traffic.

By the time she got to her workplace, it was about an hour late.

She quietly walked across to banking floor to one of the offices behind the counter hoping no one would notice her being tardy.

Just as she opened the door, the manager stepped out of his own office.

“Are you just coming?” He said to her while she held onto the doorknob.

“It was the traffic sir, ” Cynthia replied, prostrating for him out of respect.

“See yourself! I have offered to bring you to work since I know the many shortcuts around the traffic at that your side, but you didn’t agree, ” the manager said.

Of course, he wasn’t going to get mad at her, because he adored her. The manager left and she continued into office.