The proposal week


“Baby girl you’re looking good!” Amara screamed from behind her desk as Cynthia stepped into their small office.

She and Amara had been friends ever since the first day of their job training, and their friendship had grown stronger since then.

“Why won’t she look good, when she’s enjoying Balogun’s money.” Ayo teased.

Ayo who’s desk was directly opposite the entrance was also her friend, and together they were the ones she shared secrets and gossiped with.

“How far your leave plans, ” Amara asked as Cynthia turned on the desktop on her desk, about to begin the days work.

“I’m still going. Remember the party is on Sunday, you people should try and come early.”

“I’m wearing my that my purple gown for your birthday party, the one you like, ” Ayo said.

“Are you going there to find a husband, ” Amara joked.

“Maybe, ” Ayo replied.

“Would you believe that Balogun wants to take me to a resort next Friday for the weekend. It was so adorable,” Cynthia announced.

“You’re enjoying o,” Ayo replied, “Where can I find my own Balogun?”

“They are everywhere, just throw your kelechi away first and you’ll notice them,” Amara responded.

“You’re wicked o, you just want me to break up with him, ”

“You’re the one who’s still dating the broke guy, Abeg stop complaining and allow Cynthia to talk joor,” Amara replied.

“Then I’m going over to Eric’s place on Monday to chill after the party, ” Cynthia continued.

“Awwwn, ” the two other girls reacted in unison.

“You’ll sha buy something for us, ” they said

I have work to do, don’t disturb me. Cynthia laughed.