The proposal week


Not too long after the girls had returned back to the work they were supposed to be doing, a knock on the office door distracted them once again.

The manager entered into the office holding some nylons which he handed to each of the girls, and there was food inside.

“I got breakfast for you girls, ” he said. “If you need anything else, don’t hesitate to ask me, ” he added, then he left their office.

“Since when did he become this nice?” Ayo said just after he left.

“It’s because of Cynthia, ” Amara replied.

“It seems like he has resumed his toasting.”

“Cynthia just gree for this man, and tell him some of us need an increase in salary, ” Ayo said to Cynthia who had already begun eating the food.

“You wouldn’t want to be his wife’s enemy, she would mess you up ” Amara replied.

“That man likes woman too much, ” Cynthia joined in on the gossip with food in her mouth.

“You know that his secretary?”

“Yes, the short, rude girl,” Ayo eagerly replied

“Guess where I saw them together holding hands.”

“Is that so?” Ayo shouted while Amara covered her face with her hand.

“Why do you think the previous secretary had to leave? it was because his wife found out about them.”

“Don’t mind the yeye man, he’s trying to lure us with food.” The girls laughed

The door opened again and the manager entered. The girls kept quiet, pretending like they were not discussing him.

He went over to Cynthia’s desk and whispered something into her ear.

“What did he say, ” Ayo was quick to ask immediately he left the office.

“He said I should tell him when I’m closing, ”

“Are you?” Ayo asked.

Cynthia sighed and continued eating her food.