The proposal week


Cynthia stepped out of her car furiously to inspect the dent on the side.

Her car had been hit by a yellow bus as she tried to take a narrow shortcut in order to bypass the traffic.

She heard her phone ring from inside her bag, and she immediately picked it when she found out it was Kelvin who was calling.

“Where are you, ” Kelvin asked, his deep seductive voice soothed her.

“I just left work not to long ago, and one mumu has already scratched my car,” she angrily replied.

“Uhm I’m sorry about that, ” he replied.

“Soo…Why did you call? She asked.

“I just wanted to tell you that something came up for Tuesday, ”

“Oh, what is it?” She was worried that Kelvin was about to cancel their plans for that day.

“There’s this runway show at Abuja and one of the designers just contacted me. You know I really wanted to be there for your party, but you told me you just wanted to hang out with your friends, “he said.

She had earlier lied to Kelvin that for her party, she was only inviting her female friends from university and her friends from work because Eric was going to be around.

“I really wanted to visit, ” said Cynthia.

“Would tomorrow work for you?” Kelvin asked

“Nah…I have a lot of stuff to do. Birthday preparation and stuff, ” she said. She had a date with Balogun the next day, and that was an appointment she didn’t want to move.

“What about Monday?”

“Don’t bother, I’ll visit when you return,” she replied.

“I can take a flight to Abuja on Tuesday morning, ” Kelvin insisted.

Cynthia agreed. She knew that she would have to disappoint Eric, but since it was Kelvin, it was worth it.