The proposal week


Balogun’s car was parked in front of her gate that Saturday morning.

As she got into Balogun’s car, the sweet smell of money together with the AC hit her.

“This is the definition of enjoyment” she whispered to herself as she turned to look at his high maintenance face.

He looked back at her and licked his lips like he was about to eat her.

“Hey babe, ” he said, his voice was full of confidence. Why shouldn’t he be? When he was worth millions!

“Hey, you… ” Cynthia replied blushing uncontrollably.

She turned away and took her time to fasten my seatbelt while he started the engine.

And as they cruised along the road, it felt like she was in a luxury jet.

The car smoothly came to a halt and she looked out.

Typical rich guy hang out spot. A very posh place with classy people going in and out.

Not only was there a bar to get you drunk, there’s a gift shop to show off in as well as a restaurant so you think you’re just there to eat.

They went into the restaurant first and sat down.

You know you look very beautiful today….. He said scanning her breasts. But she didn’t care considering they were in a public place.

Cynthia looked straight at him, widened her eyes as if she really didn’t know and bit her lips seductively while adjusting. “Thank you” she giggled as she replied.

“Good evening sir and ma. May I take your order” She looked up but a familiar voice drew my attention away from the waiter.