The proposal week


“What was Eric doing here, and how could he afford to eat in this kind of place?” Cynthia thought to herself.

Had she known he would be there earlier, she would have told Balogun to take her elsewhere.

“But what if he is working here?” Another thought crossed her mind. She had never really bothered to ask Eric where he worked, it wasn’t like he was earning a lot hence the lack of interest.

Seemed like her assumption was right as Eric was seen waiting tables some distance from them.

He was about to ruin the moment for her, and she wasn’t going to let that happen.

“Let’s go and check out the lounge instead,” she said to Balogun who was already about to place an order.

The couple got up from their chairs and walked out of the restaurant into the lounge with their arms locked.

Balogun sat down on one of the chairs while Cynthia sat on his laps

He sent for the waiters who brought them some expensive drinks.

Balogun began running his hands through her body, and she felt quite uncomfortable.

So she insisted that they check out the small shop beside the lounge. Balogun agreed.

He took her to the shops around and asked her to pick anything she wanted.

Cynthia picked a single item but he insisted that she pick more. His goal was to impress her.

She began picking more and more items, filling her cart with a lot of clothes.

Balogun was disappointed when she told him that she had to be going. He wanted to take her back to his place.

“It’s the party,” she said. “You know I have to prepare”

They got into the car and Balogun drove her to her house.