The proposal week


Cynthia fell on her sofa immediately she got to her apartment.

She threw the pile of clothes Balogun got for her on the chair, She was exhausted but yet had a lot of things to do.

She picked up her phone to dial chidi’s number. “Are you busy, ” she asked immediately he picked up his phone.

“No, ” he replied. “I just left the hospital not too long ago.

” you’ve not said anything about my birthday, ” she complained.

“When’s it?”

“Tomorrow! C’mon is you for real. How would you forget?”

“I was just joking, ” he laughed. “Now you’ve ruined the surprise I had for you.”

“Awwwn, I would have hated you had you forgotten.”

“C’mon! How would I forget?”

“I love you chidi, ”

“You too. Since you’re on leave, how about you spent the entire week here with me. I’ll get my friends to cover my shifts.” He said.

“I’m supposed to be at Ayo’s place this week. She’s getting married soon and we want to start organizing, ” she quickly lied.

“That’s disappointing. I really wanted to see you, ” he said.

“I could come to Enugu on Tuesday, then return to Lagos the next day.”

“That is awesome. I’ll get your flight tickets ready,” he said and they ended the call.

Cynthia’s week was booked, she thought she was going to have fun. Little did she know of the amount of drama which was awaiting her.