Searching through the isle of beauty products in the store, I caught sight of a familiar face some distance away.

Our eyes met and she waved at me. I waved back, and then she started walking towards me.

“Stanley right, she stretched out her right hand for a handshake”

“Uhmm….” I tried to recall her name but I couldn’t.

“Yemisi,” she said.

“Oh yea, we met at the restaurant. Actually, you met my friend, Adam!” I replied excitedly. “What a coincidence” I added.

“Well, I was about leaving. I hope to see you some other time.” I said. “Same here,” she said opening her arms wide for a hug as her soft warm skin pressed against mine.

I proceeded to the checkout counter and paid for the items.

On my way out, I dialed Anabelle’s numbers. “You want anything else?” I asked.

She replied that she would want some chocolates which required that I had to go back inside the store.

“Okay, I’ll get you some,” I said.

I went back inside the store and searched through the section for confectionaries. There I came across Yemisi again.

She got excited as soon as she saw me approaching.

With a smile on her beautiful face, she asked, “Are you following me?”

“Certainly not!” I replied defensively, “I just forgot to get some of these.” Pointing to the box of chocolates by her side.

“Did your weird friend send you to spy on me?” She asked, switching her smile to a grin.

“Maybe,” I joked.

“You should get some of these instead, they are my favorite.” She brought down another packet from the metallic shelve and gave it to me.

We walked together towards the checkout counter.

“So what do you do Stanley?” She asked.

“I’m a photographer, for a magazine,” I replied. “Adam told me you’re a student” I added.

“Yeah, I’m studying for my masters,” she replied and smiled.

“So you’re a photographer,” she said stroking her chin. “I guess I might have something for you.” Pass me your complimentary card”

“I don’t have any of that here. How about you give me your number?” I replied

She stretched her hand and I gave her my phone. Then she called her phone with it and handed my phone back to me.

We both paid for our items and left the store.

I escorted her to where she parked. She got into her car, waved and drove off.