“what just happened?”

“Why did I have to jump into the unnecessary conclusion that she only wanted to seduce me despite warning myself not to read meanings into things.”

I felt embarrassed.”I guess I would have to avoid Yemisi for a while,” I said to myself

I started the engine of the car and drove off.

A few minutes from driving away, a phone call interrupted the music I was playing.

“Yemisi was the one calling”

“Oh my!” I slowly brought the car to a halt by the side of the road.

I picked the phone up just before it was about to stop ringing.

“You left your wallet at my place. You should come to pick it up or I’m going to throw it away!” Yemisi said and she cut the call

Damn! I had a lot of important stuff in that wallet. I had to pick it up. So much for avoiding Anabelle for a while.

I made a quick U-turn and drove as fast I could to her place.

When I parked, I called her immediately to let her know I was around but she cut the call.

I waited a while until she came out of her house with the wallet in her right hand, and just before she got close to me, she threw the wallet on the ground. Then like a runway model, she turned her back and walked away.

I picked up the wallet and followed behind her apologizing.

She paused at her doorstep and stood still.

“Yemisi, I’m so sorry for being a complete moron,” I said

She turned back to face me. Then she said, ” you’re worse than a moron,” and she giggled.

“Okay, you can come in let’s talked.”

I followed her inside and sat on the sofa while she stood.

“I am thinking of going back to modeling, and I need really good pictures to get back to it.”

“So what do you want,” I replied.

“You’re the pro, you should figure it out,” she said while striking a pose.

Her phone rang and she went inside to pick it up.

A few minutes later she came out again.”I think you should be going Stanley, It’s already dark” she said.

She escorted me to my car and gave me a hug.