Just as I put the leftover jollof from the previous day in the microwave, I heard someone opening the front door.

I knew immediately that it was Anabelle because she had my spare key.

Anabelle leaned on the kitchen wall, her eyes filled with remorse while she looked at me.

“I’m sorry,” she said.

I folded my arms, it was fun watching Anabelle apologize.

I gave a cocky grin and asked, “For what?”

“For Overreacting,” she replied. Then her gaze fell downwards as she remained silent.

I laughed, stretched out my arms while she came closer for a hug.

“I’m sorry for not trying to explain better,” I said.

Anabelle left the kitchen while I continued dishing the meal out on a plate.

Shortly afterward, I could hear the loud thuds of Anabelle’s footsteps as she paced into the kitchen. She angrily threw something towards me as she entered which I dodged.

The object made a loud metallic sound when it struck the ground.

She held a golden earring to my face and said, “this is not mine, who owns it?”

“Oh no! Yemisi must have accidentally forgotten her earrings,” I thought.

I remain quiet.

Anabelle turned her back and left the kitchen.

I followed her as she went to the room and started packing some of the things she had left at my place.

I pleaded with her not to go as she moved from the corner of the room to another, packing her clothes into one of her small traveling bags.

She held the traveling bag on one hand and hand handbag on the other, which she hit me with when I tried to stop her from leaving the room.

Before she left the house, she turned to me and said: “I knew it!”

“But why was even begging Anabelle when I already had something with Yemisi now?” I thought to myself.

Besides Yemisi seemed nicer.

I went back into the kitchen to eat my breakfast I was making but I’d already lost my appetite.

I decided to give Yemisi a call.

“You left your earrings at my place”

“Oh really”

“Should I bring them over for you”

“No, I’ll come to pick them up some other time”

“But I want to see you”

She giggles and after a pause, then she replied, “I don’t think so, my husband is around”

I was shocked.

“Stanley……..hello, hello.”

“Why didn’t you tell me you were married?” I was getting furious.

“It’s not like we are dating, so how’s that your business? “I’ll talk to you later Stanley before my husband gets suspicious.” She replied and then cut the call.

I tried Anabelle’s number and texted her several times but no reply.

Well, Anabelle went ahead to date someone else despite my attempts to get back with her.

I stayed away from Yemisi for a while, Although we continued our affair afterward.

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